1) What if a woman can’t afford to have a baby?

I can understand why someone who is struggling financially would be concerned about having a child. I agree that we should help them as much as we can. However, expenses are not a reason to take away the life of human being. Imagine if a single mom lost her job. Would that be a reason to kill her toddler? No. Of course not. The real issue here is that you believe humans in the womb are less valuable than humans that have already been born. Passage through the birth canal is not what gives humans value. Life is a fundamental human right. We should fight for human rights for ​all​ humans – not just those who have already been born.

2) I support a woman’s right to choose because she has a right to bodily autonomy. No one should have to use their own body to sustain the life of another person.

This argument is illogical for several reasons. First, in most cases pregnancy is a result of choosing to have sex – we will discuss the rape exception later. When you make that choice, you know that having sex could result in a pregnancy and you are responsible for your actions. Second, the bodily autonomy argument suggests that abortion is the same as withholding care for the unborn child. It fails to recognize that abortion involves the ​act of intentionally killing​, or having someone else kill, an innocent human. Finally, this argument is unsound because it suggests that the unborn baby is trespassing and infringing upon the rights of another person. Because the fetus was produced by the mother in a natural way, it belongs there and is not comparable to trespassing.

3) A fetus cannot be regarded as a separate human being because it is attached to the mother by the placenta and umbilical cord. It’s health is entirely dependent on the health of the mother. Thus, abortion should be legal as long as it cannot exist outside the mother’s womb.

The problem with the dependency argument is that it can be applied to humans at all stages of life. A six month old baby also cannot survive without someone to take care of it. That would not justify taking away it’s life.

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4) Until the fetus has a sense of being, it does not warrant being treated as a human being.

Our right to life does not come from our sense of being or sentience. If our sense of being is what makes us human, than newborn babies, people with certain disabilities, and people in medically induced comas would not be considered human.

5) In order to reduce abortion, instead of passing laws to reduce abortion, we should get at the underlying issues that cause women to choose abortion.

I agree that we need to advocate for a culture in which women do not feel pressured to have an abortion. We should support women dealing with crisis pregnancies as much as we can. This is why it’s important to support your local pregnancy resource center as they offer free baby supplies, parenting classes, and more to mothers and pregnant women in need. In addition to changing the culture of abortion, we should also advocate for laws that will reduce abortion. Just because there are underlying reasons someone might do something wrong, that does not mean we should refrain from having laws against them. For example, there are underlying issues that lead people to steal. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have laws against theft.

6) Women will die in back-alley abortion if we don’t have legal abortion access

This is equivalent to suggesting that some people might die in unsafe attempts to kill others, thus we should make sure people can kill others in a safe, legal way. At the end of the day, intentionally killing an innocent person is still wrong. We should not want to keep it legal just to ensure one person is safe while they take away the life of an innocent human being.

7) You can’t claim to be in favor of limited government if you do not support a woman’s right to choose.

Limited government does not mean complete absence of laws. We’re talking limited government here, not zero government. ​You can be for limited government and still think it’s okay for the government to step in when someone’s rights are being infringed upon. ​Abortion infringes upon someone’s inalienable right to life.

8) Not all scientists agree that life begins at fertilization

While most medical experts would say that life begins at fertilization, there is still some debate among the scientific community. But if we are uncertain as to when life begins, but know it is possible that life begins at fertilization, than the sole possibility that we are ending an innocent human life is enough to oppose abortion.

9) If life begins at fertilization, what about in the case of identical twins where the embryo later splits into two?

To quote Scott Klusendorf, “The fact than an entity may split does not mean it was not a whole living member of a certain species prior to the split.”

10) Planned babies are healthier

This is a silly argument. Lack of good health is not a reason to kill someone. When someone is diagnosed with an illness, we don’t kill them, we treat them.

11) What if someone becomes pregnant from rape?

When the existence of an innocent human being reminds us of a horrific event, we are not justified in killing them with the hope of easing our pain​. However, it’s important that woman who become pregnant as a result of rape are surrounded with love and support. We should aim at fostering a culture in which they realize they’re not alone and feel they have the support to get through it. Instead of only having compassion for either the woman or unborn baby, our compassion should extend to both.

12) You’re not pro-life, you’re just pro-birth.

This argument is based on the idea that if we are truly pro-life, we should support the baby after birth as well. I agree. That’s why I support pregnancy crisis centers that offer free baby supplies, school choice programs that offer better options for education for disadvantaged children, and more. What this argument comes down to is disagreements over ​how we support others. At the end of the day, I think private charities are much more effective than government-run programs. That being said, it’s better to donate money towards a charity than have it go towards flawed government programs in which your taxpayer dollars are much more likely to be wasted than used wisely.

13) If you believe in the right to life, then you should agree that women should not be forced to give birth, as giving birth can threaten the mother’s life.

Thanks to advancements in medical technology, it is very rare that giving birth would threaten the life of the mother. When these instances do occur, we should do everything we can to save the mother.​ If the baby dies as an unintended consequence of the treatment, it is not the same as an abortion as the purpose of an abortion is solely to end the baby’s life.​ For example, in an ectopic pregnancy, the fertilized egg grows outside of the uterus, most commonly in the fallopian tube. In this case, both the baby and mother would have no chance of survival if the pregnancy is continued. To let both die would not be pro-life. In these cases, the baby should be removed to save the life of the mother.

14) Adoption is not a solution because the foster system is horrible. The baby would grow up to live a horrible life anyways.

I agree there is a lot of work we can do to improve the foster system. However, the chance that someone will live a difficult life is not a reason to take their right to life away. Who are we to decide what circumstances makes someone’s life worth living and what circumstances deem a person’s’ life worthless?

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