If you’re anything like me right now, you are in the middle of a big sea of internship and fellowship opportunities and looking for a dingy to bring you safely to shore. Hopefully, the right shore. If I may be so bold, the Right shore.  Choosing a conservative internship my first summer in college was one of the smartest choices I ever made, and absolutely one of the most rewarding. Why should you choose a conservative internship? Oh, let me explain with examples (and pictures) from my own internship experience.


  1. Your actual work

The work you do during a conservative internship will be work that you will genuinely enjoy doing. Conservative groups know that their interns are great capital and want to use them to their best ability. You’ll be writing pieces, getting publishing, and being an activist. You’ll feel like an integral part of the office and who doesn’t want to spend their summer working on issues they are passionate about such as life, liberty, and capitalism for all?

  1. The Support

The staffers you will interact with in a conservative internship are unparalleled.  You will not be just a number, but a valued intern with skills they want to utilize.  You will be more than just a face in a crowd, and the staff of the conservative group you work with will no doubt give you support you have never felt anywhere else. It is so rare to find incredible support in an environment, but every conservative group I have ever worked with has made me feel critical to their mission and made sure I knew I had their support whole-heartedly.

  1. Networking Opportunities

A conservative internship will allow you numerous opportunities to meet and network with other conservative groups and people. You’ll be lucky enough to have future jobs lined up before you even finish your first month on the job.  Never take for granted an opportunity to network, especially with like-minded individuals who you’ll want to work with in the future.

  1. Fellow Conservative Interns

If you’re like me and attend an extremely liberal university, you’ll be in heaven when you meet fellow conservative interns. While we all value discourse and discussion, there is something soothing about being surrounded by people who generally hold your same values. The interns I met during my last summer at a conservative institute were amazing conservative women who I am so proud to know and have worked with.

  1. The Conservative Intern Network

This sounds like a secret cult, doesn’t it? In a way, it is. If you are a conservative intern in the great Washington D.C. area, odds are that you will meet every other like-minded intern in the area during your summer. It astounded me how much overlap there was between events, and how often I saw other awesome interns from other groups at local events in the D.C. area. Conservative interns stick together, and you’ll want to join them.

  1. Who You’ll Meet

During my internship at a conservative institute, I got the chance to meet amazing conservative men and women who have continued to inspire me to this day. We all look forward to meeting our role models, and conservative leaders are so passionate about the movement that they take time to meet the people working within it, including you! During my conservative internship I got to meet amazing people such as Katie Pavlich, Joni Ernst, Marji Ross, Bay Buchanan, Crystal Wright, and the PolitiChicks.  Who would want to pass that up?

  1. Book Clubs

One of my favorite parts of my conservative internship was the book club we ran in the office! We read two great books: God and Man at Yale by William F Buckley Jr and And the Good News Is by Dana Perino. You’ll never be able to find people who want to read and discuss conservative books with you on a liberal campus, so this is almost a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

  1. Office Swag

One of the perks of a fun conservative office or group is the great swag you’ll pick up along the way. I loved picking up awesome conservative t-shirts, totes, and books over the summer. Who doesn’t love an NRA koozie, a Reagan sticker, or a book signed by Katie Pavlich?

  1. Your Sanity

Can you imagine working in an environment that stood completely contradictory to your own views? No conservative wants to intern with some radically left group like Planned Parenthood, do they? Interning with a conservative group will allow you to learn valuable skills all while preserving your sanity, and your dignity.

  1. Future Jobs

As I mentioned before, one conservative internship can change your life. My last internship led directly to my next. I know several young conservatives who landed full-time jobs thanks to the internships with conservative groups. If you know anything about the post-college job market, you know how amazing this is.

  1. More likely to be paid

I was astonished to hear so many of my left-leaning peers complain about unpaid internships in their preferred side of the aisle. While it is not a guarantee, there are so many paid conservative internships to try out. Conservative groups know how valuable you are and want to pay you for the work that you put in.  Capitalism pays.

  1. The Skills

You’ll learn critical skills at any internship you undertake, but a conservative internship can offer you special skills too. You’ll learn how to better defend your own opinions, fight back against bias on campus and in the media, and be a more honest, happy, and caring person.  The skills I developed during my first conservative internship kept me from losing my mind during the firestorm I received on my own campus.

  1. What You’ll Learn

It is impossible to list in a only a few sentences all that you’ll learn during your conservative internship. I learned more about economics, national security, and media bias in two months than I have in my entire life beforehand, and that is saying something.  You’ll learn how to defend your opinions, how to be a better conservative, how to combat liberal bias, how to be a good intern, and you’ll learn how amazing the conservative movement is. In one short internship, you’ll learn that you chose the Right side.