Celebrities are notoriously liberal. Fortunately, while there are hundreds of Democrats roaming around Hollywood, there are quite a few Republicans as well. Here are our top 14 most surprising celebrity Republicans that prove that all celebs are in LA LA Land.

1) Shirley Temple


That adorable little girl grew up to be a Republican! After her acting career, she spent a long time in politics.

2) Lynn Swann


Anyone who knows a thing or two about football knows who Lynn Swann in. This Hall of Fame wide receiver and 4 time Super Bowl champion ran for Governor of Pennsylvania as a Republican in 2006.

3) Clint Eastwood

clint-eastwood-picture-1 (1)

Eastwood has been a long time Republican.

4) James Earl Jones


AKA the voice behind Darth Vader. He is a registered Republican.

5) Stephen Baldwin


Baldwin has been known as one of the most outspoken Christian conservatives in Hollywood!

6) Chuck Norris

Los Angeles Premiere of "The Expendables 2"

I mean, does he need an introduction?

7) Stacey Dash


This “clueless” star is definitely not clueless when it comes to politics. She is an outspoken conservative!

8) Meat Loaf


Meat Loaf wanted Chris Christie to run for president in 2012.

9) Bruce Willis


While claiming to be Independent, he has endorsed Republicans for President since 2000 through 2012. We’re on to you, Bruce.

10) Lauren Conrad


This Laguna Beach star is a registered Republican.

11) Frank Sinatra


Ol’ blue eyes was a Democrat originally, but smartened up in the 1970s and switched to the Republican Party.

12) Melissa Joan Hart


The “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” actress came out as a Republican in 2012, and received a ton of backlash. But she didn’t let it keep her from voicing her support for Mitt.

13) Lee Greenwood


The man behind one of the most patriotic songs ever written, “God Bless the U.S.A.” is a registered Republican.

14) Elisabeth Hasselbeck


Reality star turned Fox News contributor, Hasselbeck is definitely a Republican!


Stephanie F
FFL Cabinet Member