Disclaimer: I know that there are goals that are achievable without the help of material goods. But let’s get real here, ladies. In order to glow-up and achieve those New Year’s resolutions that we all daydream about, it will take more than just wishing on an evening star. Not only will a lot of our goals require time, energy, and dedication, oftentimes it requires investing in ourselves. 

To quote the highly disciplined Brooke Wyndham in Legally Blonde: The Musical, “I’m talking to the woman who wants it all, you gotta pay for what you get.” 

Do you necessarily need these things exactly to achieve your goals? No. Would it assist you in getting your glow-up? Definitely. With holiday deals rapidly approaching, self-investment has a much nicer price tag. Here are 14 things you can ask Santa for to complete your 2020 glow-up. It’s divided into four categories for easy browsing: inner beauty, health and fitness, skincare, and beauty. 

Inner Beauty

JBP’s 12 Rules For Life: You know him, you love him, this is a bestseller for a reason. 

Bible Study Workbook: For you Christian gals out there, this is a fantastic all-in-one devotional and study journal spanning 52 weeks.

Living the Simply Luxurious Life: Based off of Shannon Ables’ successful podcast of the same name, this teaches the art of simple sophistication inspired by the je ne sais quoi of French living.

Thank You Cards: Since gratitude and elegant penmanship never go out of style.

Health and Fitness

Yoga Set: Everything an aspiring yogi may need, including blocks! Warning: hot yoga is not recommended for the faint of heart.


Bluetooth Headphones: This is a splurge item, but seriously worth the money for free hands during your early morning runs.

Wellness Log: This is by Erin Condren, FFL’s unofficial planner of choice, and includes everything from meal prep to workout scheduling.

Vanilla Candle: Yankee Candle and Bath and Body Works might always be neck and neck, but this is a must-have for elevating any at-home workout or meditation session.


Face Brush: I personally use this once a day, every day. The best part is that the UV light stand sanitizes the bristles so you aren’t encouraging bad bacteria or new breakouts!

Acne-Prone Skin Friendly SPF: I became addicted to LaRoche-Posay while studying at the Sorbonne—this daily SPF is no exception.

Nail Strengthening Cream : Rub this into your sad or brittle or post-gel manicured nails before bed and enjoy the results.


Lash Serum: If lash curlers make you squeamish and Latisse is too high a price point, this is for you. Apply exactly like mascara before bed.

Hair Serum: Anti-humidity and anti-breakage, this will literally help your hair glow(up) more.

Natural Nail Polish: This is the shade to be married or buried in and goes with everything. It also just happens to share a name with the lovely Princess Grace.

Take a look at these before embarking on your 2020 resolutions, and glow on!

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Jasmine Skye M