Love is in the air and we have a lot of love for the Republcan party. There is a reason we’re always right. We always have the perfect answer for when someone asks us, “Why are you a Republican?” Here are just 14 of the many reasons we love being Republicans

1) Small government

We love the party that advocates for the government to get out of our business and out of our pockets. We don’t need the government to succeed. The Constitution says We the People, and we the people can take care of much of our own business just fine by ourselves. We don’t need the government giving us handouts and involving themselves in every aspect of their life. 

2) Capitalism

We know that capitalism is a necessity for prosperity, and we love the party that champions it instead of demonizes it. Capitalism is not the devil, and does not create more poverty. Capitalism was designed to bring people out of poverty, and does so much more effectively than any government handout ever could.

3) Our candidates

Compared to the people running for president on the other side of the aisle, we are growing a field of roses. We have such an array of smart candidates that care deeply about the future of our nation, and no matter who we end up choosing as our candidate, we will be in much better hands than the Democrats. 

4) Elephants

As trivial as it sounds, the signature emblem of the Grand Ole Party says a lot about us, and contributes to our love of the party. There is a reason that elephants are lucky, and never forget. Besides, who wants to identify with a donkey? We all know the nickname for donkeys.  Elephant patterned clothing is all the rage, and we are totally on board with that trend.

5) Fox News > MSNBC

The source of your news is important and while there are more middle of the roads networks you could watch, we all know that Fox News trumps MSNBC in every view. We have more viewers. We have better hosts. We have a better variety of opinions, and we aren’t afraid to debate with liberals on air.

6) Great conservative books

There are so many amazing books written by prominent conservatives and Republicans that we could read a book a day and be busy for years! Our candidates have written multiple books, our favorite senators are authors, and even our smart and humorous television hosts have authored books. There is no shortage of amazing conservative books to read, which is evident of a party that doesn’t stifle that freedom of speech and the freedom of the press.

7) Freedom, for all

The Republican Party is all about freedom, for everyone. We aren’t like the other side of the aisle who say that we, as Republican women, are incapable of rational thought or making our own decisions about politics. We would never dare tear a woman down because she dares to have her own opinions about politics. We would never tear a woman down and call her less of a woman because she disagrees with us. We would never tell someone that their race or sexual orientation dictates how they must vote. We are the party of freedom.

8) Passion

Republicans are SO passionate about the Republican Party and the future of our country. Republican students are some of the best activists on campus. If you’ve ever been to a Republican or Conservative conference, you know how much passion Republicans have and share with others in pursuit of making our country better.

9) Fellow Republicans

We love bonding with our fellow Republicans, who understand our beliefs, respect them, and also hold them! It is so nice to be surrounded by people who think Right, and we love the passion that our fellow Republicans always bring to the table.  

10) National Security

The view that Republicans take on national security is a big reason that we love the Republican Party. We all want to be safe and protected in our own country, in our own homes, and we all have that right. We appreciate a party that calls terrorism what it is and formulates real, viable solutions to combatting it that don’t involving blaming Youtube videos or our own actions.

11) Republican and conservative student organizations

Republican and conservative student organizations are so critically important in this day and age when liberals seem to run rampant on college campuses and in university administration. Republican Student Organizations are crucial in continuing to see states go red in important elections and cultivating the future of the Republican party.

12) Diversity

Anyone who thinks the Democrat party is more diverse than the Republican party must be blind at this point. Have you seen our candidates? Have you seen the prominent Republicans we love and look up to? The Republican party is diverse in both race, religion, sexual orientation, and thought. We are not cookie cutters in our high heels, but instead organic, real thinkers who differ in many ways but unite together under the common themes of the Republican Party, including small government, freedoms, and a stronger national security.

13) Patriotism

There is no doubt that the Republican Party loves this country, and we often wear our patriotism on our sleeves. There is a reason that we love our flag, our military, and protecting our homeland. We know for a fact that America is exceptional, and we are not afraid to admit that out loud proudly.

14) FFL

FFL is a huge social movement for young Conservatives and Republicans that allows us to connect with other like-minded individuals, grow our own knowledge and influence, and work towards a brighter future for our country. FFL is one of the biggest perks of being a Republican.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member