This year, Future Female Leaders is very excited to be a sponsor at Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority 2019. This is the leading conference for faith-based conservative activists. With an expected attendance of over 2,000 activists, the Faith & Freedom Coalition are bringing in the best of the best to empower everyone there. Now what you’ve been waiting for, who we are most excited to see speak at RTM 2019!

President Trump

That’s right. President Donald Trump will be speaking at Road to Majority on Wednesday! Enough said.

Vice President Mike Pence

It has been my absolute dream to see Vice President Pence speak. He is so incredibly charismatic, personable, and such a wonderful example of what a Christian should be. He accepts all people contrary to popular belief.

Senator Ted Cruz

Fear. The. Beard. Our favorite constitutionalist is going to bring the fire to this conference and honestly, with a social media like his right now, he might even bring the best jokes.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

After reading his book, I think Senator McConnell is one who I am most excited to see speak. He actually has an amazing sense of humor and humility. He is going to bring us some serious wisdom as to how we are going to win 2020.

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao

One of the toughest women in politics is going to be gracing us with her advice for advocates like us. Elaine Chao has been in the political realm for awhile and she is so intelligent that I will definitely be taking notes when she speaks.

Senator Marsha Blackburn

Any young conservative woman is shamelessly obsessed with our favorite Capitol Hill Queen, Senator Marsha Blackburn. I’m not even sure I deserve to share breathing room with her but I saw that she was coming and nearly had a heart attack. It’s fine. I’m fine. Totally chilled.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson

Our favorite soft spoken conservative is going to seriously going to be one of my favorite people to listen to talk. I’ve never gotten to see him in person but I can’t think of anyone better to speak at a conference such as this.

Representative Steve Scalise

I can only imagine the things Rep. Scalise has to say about his faith and his beliefs after everything he has been through. His story is truly unlike anyone else’s that we will be hearing from. It will truly be an honor to hear from him.

Senator Mike Lee

Senator Lee was the first Senator I heard speak on the importance of the Constitution and I was slow clapping the entire time. Seeing him speak is on my political bucket list. If you hear about anyone completely fangirling during his speech or giving a very loud “amen”, it was me.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Host of his own radio show, the “Rabbi Daniel Lapin Show”, and the head of the “America Allegiance of Jews and Christians”, Rabbi Lapin is going to bring us a unique perspective as to what is going on in our country. I think he is going to be one of the crowd favorites when all is said and done.

Dennis Prager

Bringing you common sense via the best videos to share when trying to make a point, we can expect Dennis Prager to absolutely stun us with common sense points we haven’t thought about. 10/10 recommend paying attention with everything you have when he talks. He is someone we can all learn from.

Charlie Kirk

I feel like Charlie needs no comment because his hard work speaks for itself. Charlie is going to bring down the house and I feel like I can already see the crowd doing that slow nod of complete agreement. Charlie is going to bring the excited youth element to this and I honestly can’t wait to see how fired up he gets!

Rep. Mark Meadows

I may be bias because he represents my home state of North Carolina but get ready for the greatest speech of your life. Okay, I may be exaggerating but if you’ve ever seen his social media then you can expect that kind of heat in person.

Candace Owens

Crowd favorite, Candace Owens, is going to bring that energetic, youthful passion. Candid and raw, you can expect Candace to absolutely bring energy to the room and to share her experiences of the past few years with us as she is leading a massive movement.

I don’t know about y’all but Road to Majority 2019 can not come soon enough!

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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