Our cars become like a second home to us. We likely spend more time in them than most other places, especially when long commutes are involved. It’s important to be prepared for anything, and make your car feel a bit more like home. Keep these 15 items in your car and you’ll be prepared for almost anything. Be sure to add some extra clothing and food in the winter months in case of a weather emergency. 

An air freshenerIt’s always nice to smell your favorite scent when you get into your car. 

Car coasters

Many drive thru cups seem to leak if they’re forgotten in a car. Use a car coaster to protect your car’s interior. 

A phone chargerPhone chargers are important to have everywhere. Plus, many cars play music through bluetooth and USB ports, so it can serve two purposes.


A first aid kitMake sure you’re prepared for anything by keeping a first aid kit and any medication that you may need inside of your car.


BlanketThis is a multi-functional addition. It’s important to be prepared for weather emergencies, but it’s also nice to have a blanket for long car rides. 


Rain jacketIt’s easy to forget your rain jacket at home and end up drenched. Always keep a spare in your car to be prepared for spotted showers. 

UmbrellaThis goes hand-in-hand with the rain jackets, plus it can be borrowed by a passenger since they aren’t sized like jackets. 

FlashlightAlways have a backup flashlight in case of an emergency. 

Insurance card

Car insurance is a must, but it’s also helpful to have medical insurance cards on hand.


TissuesThese work for colds, cleaning, and when the restaurant forgets to put napkins in your bag.

SunglassesAlways keep a spare pair of sunglasses in your car in case you misplace your favorite pair. 

Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is nice to have on road trips, while camping, and simple day-to-day use. Always keep a bottle stowed away in the car.

Extra money

For gas, parking meters, car washes, et cetera. Plus, you’ll still have some money if your wallet goes missing on a trip.

Jumper cablesYou can’t control when your car battery dies, but you can be prepared by keeping a set of these in your trunk.


Spare tire

You never know when a flat will occur. It’s important to be prepared and have a spare stowed away.

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