Whether this summer will be normal or not is still up in the air, but whether you’re looking for something to watch while you spend a third, fourth, and fifth month inside or need something to watch on your breaks at work or on dates, the plethora of streaming services we have available this summer are giving you plenty of options! 

Here are some of the TV shows and movies dropping on streaming this summer, specifically in May, June, and July. 

The Great: Hulu, May 15

History lovers and fans of period dramas love this new, historically loose account of the life of Catherine the Great of Russia. Elle Fanning plays the infamous ruler. If you love beautiful costumes, funny moments, and bits of history, you’ll enjoy losing yourself in this show. 

Blood & Water: Netflix, May 20

As a personal lover of a good, juicy story, I was intrigued by the trailer for Blood & Water, a South African drama coming to Netflix this summer. A teen ends up at a private school in Cape Town trying to find the sister who was abdicated at birth, and it looks like such a drama-filled show.

Lovebirds: Netflix, May 22

When the movie theatres shuttered due to COVID-19, many mourned the loss of upcoming releases. Some pivoted and headed to streaming. Lovebirds, a romantic-ish comedy starring Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani will release on Netflix instead! It looks like a laugh-out-loud movie, which we all need right about now. 

The New HBO Max Streaming Service: May 27th

There’s a whole new streaming service dropping on May 27th! You can read more about HBO Max here. Of course, they’ll have lots of older shows–like Gossip Girl, Game of Thrones, etc–but they’ll also be doing some original content. I’m not going to include all that here because some dates are still up in the air, but you can read more about what’s coming to HBO Max at launch and later here

Fuller House Final Season: Netflix, June 2

The second half of the fifth and final season of Fuller House, the spin-off of Full House, will release on Netflix this summer. The story of DJ, Stephanie, Kimmy, and their children will come to an end. I’m sure tears will be shed. If DJ and Steve don’t end up together, expect rioting in the streets. 

Queer Eye Season 5: Netflix, June 5

Don’t we all need a little uplift right about now? Queer Eye season 5 is back this summer to give us just that this June! The Fab Five heads to Philadelphia in this season, so clear your schedule, grab your tissues, and get ready for it. There will be ten episodes. 

Shirley: Hulu, June 5

A few years ago, everyone was talking about The Haunting of Hill House, but this summer, they’ll be talking about Shirley, the latest biopic where Elisabeth Moss plays famed author Shirley Jackson. Thrown off track by COVID-19, this movie will now release on Hulu in early June. 

Artemis Fowl: Disney+, June 12

Wunderkid Artemis Fowl finally comes to life in this feature film, directed by Kenneth Branagh. Covid almost derailed it, but the movie will be releasing straight to streaming for everyone to enjoy! It’s kid-friendly,but I think adults will like it as well! 

The Politician, Season 2: Netflix, June 19

People loved Ben Platt’s portrayal of a kid destined to be president in this Netflix original show, and now it’s back for season 2! The Ryan Murphy show will follow Payton Hobart as he runs for the New York State Senate this season. It’s got wide critical acclaim. 

Love, Victor: Hulu, June 19

The creators behind the hit teen movie Love, Simon are bringing you Love, Victor, a TV show set in the same universe. This show will release on Hulu. It looks like the perfect solution for people seeking some light-hearted romantic comedy television

Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2: Disney+, June 26

Need a documentary fix? Love Frozen? Disney+ will be releasing a six-part documentary series about the making of Frozen 2 this summer. It’s the perfect blend of Disney magic with filmmaking and pop cultural elements. 

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark: HBO, June 28

True crime lovers clamored over I’ll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara, a book about the Golden State Killer published two years after McNamara’s death and a few months before the eventual capture of the Golden State Killer, decades after his crime spree. This documentary series will follow the case, McNamara’s own obsessive interest in it, and the ultimate capture of such a heinous criminal!

Hamilton: Disney+, July 3

The phenomenon that took over the country, Hamilton: The Musical, is blessing us all by being released on Disney+ this summer, over a year ahead of schedule. This is a movie version of the original Broadway cast performing the show and will be perfect Independence Day viewing. 

The Baby-Sitters Club: Netflix, July 3

Nostalgia reigns supreme! Kristy, Claudia, Dawn, Stacey, Mary Anne, and more come back to us in this new iteration of the beloved stories by Ann M Martin. This’ll be a great show to watch with family or girlfriends. It will hopefully inspire many to read the original books! 

House of Ho: HBO Max, July 16

One of the most anticipated new releases from HBO Max is House of Ho, a documentary-style series in the world of Crazy Rich Asians. Viewers will love revisiting these interesting characters. 

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member