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Dana Perino

1. Dana Perino: @DanaPerino

This former Press Secretary has made an outstanding career for herself in media, and twitter is no exception! You’ll always be entertained following Dana Perino.


Ben Shapiro

2. Ben Shapiro – @benshapiro 

Along with his show, Ben Shapiro’s tweets are always hilarious, and incredibly accurate.



3. Markeece Young: @YoungBLKRepub

This guy’s activism is shown intensely through his tweets, commenting on every hot topic political issue, and never stands down.


  Dana Loesch

4. Dana Loesch – @DLoesch 

Looking for the very best commentary to get fired up and passionate about your second amendment rights? Look no further! This NRA Advisor’s tweets keep you updated on any kind of recent gun laws being proposed across America, while also cracking you up with totally relatable gifs.


Charlie Kirk

5. Charlie Kirk – @charliekirk11 

Charlie Kirk is the founder of the ever so famous, Turning Point USA. Want to see how much Socialism Sucks, and the activism on campuses all over the nation? Follow Charlie.



6. @PolitiBunny 

Not only does she always find the most interesting things to retweet, her tweets are funny and true.


Steven Crowder

7. Steven Crowder – @Scrowder 

Steven Crowder makes my absolute favorite podcasts and videos. Follow him on twitter for updates and clips of some of his most hilarious videos.


 Guy Benson

8. Guy Benson – @guypbenson

As sharp as his comments are on Fox, his tweets are the same.

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 Michelle Malkin

9. Michelle Malkin – @michellemalkin 

This woman is one of the most eloquently spoken people I have ever heard, and her tweets are no exception.



10. Future Female Leaders – @FFL_of_America 

Follow Future Female Leaders for light-hearted and relatable political commentary and for a community of uplifting and empowering conservative women.


 Tomi Lahren

11. Tomi Lahren – @TomiLahren 

Everyone has seen her clips on Facebook. Her sharp comments and passion that are shown in her videos, are also reflected in her tweets.


 Stacey Dash

12. Stacey Dash – @REALStaceyDash 

Stacey Dash epitomizes everything a strong conservative woman should be. From her book, to her tweets, she is someone worth following.


 Kimberly Corban

13. Kimberly Corban – @Kimberly_Corban 

Speaking of strong women, Kimberly Corban has such a beautiful story, and is someone all of us can admire for many reasons. Her passion for the second amendment is reflected in her articles, along with her tweets.


Senator Ben Sasse

14. Senator Ben Sasse – @BenSasse

Very intelligent and interesting tweets, giving you some kind of update on the goings on of Congress, or on his personal account, a more humorous tone to politics and his life outside of it.


Katie Pavlich

15. Katie Pavlich – @KatiePavlich 

She doesn’t care what people think, whether its on Fox News, or in her tweets. She will always speak her mind.


  Katherine Timpf

16. Katherine Timpf –@KatTimpf 

Something I love about her, is that she can laugh at herself. This reflects in her tweets, while she also makes fun of everyone in politics.

Kaitlynn C
FFL Contributor