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Phrases like “Feel the Bern” and “Bernie Bros” make it incredibly easy for modern journalists to have a field day with the campaign. Couple those hilarious phrases with the general humor associated with a crazy old man who keeps trying to make socialism happen and you’ve got a recipe for hilarious headlines. While here at FFL we don’t support Bernie Sanders, we can certainly appreciate the funny headlines he has inspired in the news cycle, and we’ll certainly miss these type of headlines when Bernie finally realizes his campaign is going nowhere and he fades into obscurity.

  1. Gawker: Man Still Yelling

  2. Townhall: Bernie Sanders’ Foul Socialist Odor

  3. Metro Times: Our Top Five Bernie Sanders/Detroit Punk Scene Memes

  4. NPR: Life-Size Crochet Version of Bernie Sanders Attends Party Convention

  5. American Thinker: Liberal Self-Hating Jews Find a Standard-Bearer in Bernie Sanders

  6. WCAX: 77-Year-Old Skydives for Bernie Sanders

  7. LA Times: Bernie Sanders Gives Tommy Chong the Cold Shoulder-But It Is Chill

  8. Time: Watch Bernie Sanders Be Grumpy

  9. Wall Street Journal: Bern Out

  10. The Blaze: A Skateboarding, Keg-Standing and Hallucinating “Bernie Sanders” Proves He’s Not Boring in this Mock Ad

  11. Politico: Sanders Seeks to End Free Fall

  12. Red Alert Politics: Philly Welcomes DNC Protestors By Re-Opening a Prison: Look out, Bernie Bros

  13. Salon: Hey, Democrats, Stop Gloating-Your Party is Imploding Right Before Your Eyes, Too

  14. Fox Nation: Jesse Watters Finds Out Just How Clueless Bernie Sanders Supporters Are

  15. Huffington Post: Bernie Sanders Initials, BS, Is the “Snake Oil” He is Selling

  16. Washington Post: If Sanders Supporters Complained About Other Things The Way They Complain About Election Results

  17. Daily Mail: Teen Takes Cardboard Cutout of Berne Sanders to Her Prom

  18. Inquisitr: Bernie Sanders: So-Called “Zombie” Candidate Polls Better Than Hillary

  19. Red Alert Politics: Lingering Bern: How Sanders’ Campaign Revolutionizes Future Election

  20. Townhall: Grammar Fail: Bernie Sanders’ Twitter Doesn’t Know What an Adjective Is

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