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Of course, every presidential election is an important one; it is a time for us Americans to decide the course of our nation for the next four years. The 2016 election, though, is an extremely important one for many millennials. For many of us, this is the first presidential election that we are able to participate in. A lot of us have followed politics and elections for many years, but this year holds a special place in our hearts because we truly have a say in the direction of our country. The candidates that we vote for and the policies that we stand behind will follow us for many years ahead and can strongly influence our futures.

It has been noted that within the last couple of years, the younger generation of voters have become increasingly more liberal in their policy ideas and yet tend to follow the middle of the road, meaning that they are not ascribing to a political party. This is extremely dangerous and could lead to the demise of our republic as we know it. This election is so important to us millennials because it is our first chance to stand tall with our party and have our voices be heard. It is crucial to form a united front and demonstrate that although we are young, we take pride in our politics and our opinions matter.

This election has also made great use of social media, and because of that, many people are becoming educated about what is happening in the world as well as within the 2016 race. According to the Pew Research Center, young people use social media to learn about the election more than any other age group. More specifically, millennials who identify as Democrats and are Democrat-leaning tend to use social media to learn about the 2016 presidential election more so than Republican or Republican-leaning millennials. This is significant, and candidates have taken notice. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become a hotbed for political debate and they both serve as a platform for candidates to speak out and declare their stance on many political issues. Millennials make up more than one quarter of the nation’s population–that’s 83.1 million people! So no matter what anyone says, always remember that we have the power to change America and usher in a new generation of ideas that can carry on for years to come.