Ah, LOST.  It has been too long since the best show ever ended.  We still get nostalgic and binge watch it on Netflix.  What if the 2016 candidates were on the Island?  WE HAVE TO GO BACK!!!!

Ben Carson


Ben Carson and Daniel Faraday are the extremely intelligent and are known for that within their peers.  Whether it’s Daniel whispering some time travel equation or Ben Carson telling Trump what’s up about vaccinations in the last debate, you have to see the similarity.


Chris Christie


Chris Christie is Sawyer because it seems like both of them are always mad about something.  No further explanation neccessary.


Hillary Clinton


Hillary and Ben Linus are both antagonists. They are both manipulative, conniving, and power hungry.  Both have a notorious record of lying to maintain their power, can you say Henry Gale and the email scandals? If Clinton were to be on the Lost island, she’d definitely be apart of The Others.


Ted Cruz


Ted Cruz and Juliet Burke are relatively calm and collected.  They’re both soft spoken, but they can mean business. Like remember when Juliet was taking out Jack’s appendix and screamed at Bernard to “KNOCK HIM OUT” Yeah.


Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina and Kate Austen both have that sense of girl power. They aren’t afraid to let one know how they really feel about something.  Neither Kate or Carly have ever let being a women define them.  They both have proved they can hold their own with the guys.


Rand Paul


Rand Paul and Hurley Reyes are the ones who stand up for something even if it goes against the original plans.  Hurley would totally fight for the Constitution even if it wasn’t popular, just like Rand.


Marco Rubio


Marco Rubio and Jack Shephard are easily likeable. Rubio is high ranked in the polls and Jack has that personality that just completely wins you over.  They’re both have leadership qualities and are motivate others. Plus, they both talk about their dads all the time.


Bernie Sanders


Anthony Cooper, remember him? John Locke’s dad?  Anthony Cooper and Berine will both tell you anything you want to be true, though it really isn’t.  He’s an experienced con-man. Free college, Bernie… not gonna happen.


Donald Trump


Jin Kwon was always the center of the drama in the first few seasons and had a hard time getting along with other members of the camp, kinda like Donald Trump so far this election season.  Maybe Donald Trump will simmer down much like Jin did and work together with learn to work together to achieve goals.


Jeb Bush

Lost, Terry O Quinn as John Locke

John Locke always wanted to be the leader of the survivors and had issue with Jack being the voice of reason.  Jeb wants to win the nomination, but it has turned out to be as easy as he thought.  He has a lot of challenges to work through if he wants to secure the spot, just like Locke.


Mike Huckabee


Well first off, Huckabee and Charlie Pace both play the guitar.   Charlie is respectful of everyone in the camp, just like Huckabee was on stage at the last debate.  He didn’t throw anyone underneath the bus and described all 11 candidates as the “A Team.”  They can both be team players.


Lindsey Graham


Sayid Jarrah was always looking to fight.  He believed in trying to protect the camp by being on the offensive with any threats to the camp, like Lindsey Graham is with our foreign policy.  Graham has been extremely outspoken in how he would eradicate ISIS (remember when Sayid plans to find out if Henry Gale is telling the truth) and we know Sayid would have a plan as well.


John Kasich

When we first met Desmond Hume in the hatch, he ran away and we thought we would never see him again and kind of forgot about him.  John Kasich has been an underdog and forgotten about in the beginning of the race, but now he is making a name for himself, just like Desmond did when he came back to the island.  The question is, since Kasich is from Ohio, will he be the GOP’s fail safe like Desmond was for the island?


We miss you, LOST.