Rand Paul – German Shepherd


Rand best resembles a German Shepherd. Both are bold and confident. Rand is never afraid to be a fighter when necessary. German Shepherds often let people know that they are in charge and alert with one single bark. Both are there to protect you if you give them the chance.


Donald Trump – Rottweiler


There’s no other type of dog that would best represent Trump. Rottweilers LOVE to show off and are known to be powerful. Both are always ready for attack. You’ve seen or heard about Trump these past couple of weeks right?


Chris Christie – Pit Bull


Christie and Pit bulls are often misjudged. Once people hear one bad thing they’ve done (hello, Bridgegate), they automatically discount them.


Carly Fiorina – Poodle


Fiorina best represents a poodle because of their sassy attitudes. Who else would be able to attack Hillary with pure sass the way Carly does?


Ted Cruz – Pug


Ted Cruz and Pugs are quite similar. You either love or hate ole Ted, and the same can be true for pugs.


Rick Perry – Doberman Pinscher


Perry and Doberman Pinschers are one in the same. Their fierce reputations are known and often overlooked. Both love to be busy and learn quickly. They are both, often, are known to be fearless. Perry showed that trait of fearless when he successfully secured the Texas border.


Marco Rubio – Lab


Everyone knows the typical dog, a Labrador. Given the polls, Rubio is pretty well known, just like the Labrador. Both are your typical favorites and are loyal to those around them.


Scott Walker – Border Collie

Walker and Border Collies are often known as workaholics. Walker has done everything in his power to better Wisconsin and doesn’t stop until the job gets done… Right To Work, anyone?


John Kasich – Chihuahau


Kasich and Chihuahuas aren’t always everyone’s first pick. Though, both of them are strongly independent. They both will make a lot of noise just to be heard.


Bobby Jindal – German Pinscher


Jindal and German Pinschers are often labeled as intelligent and determined. Jindal shows us his level of determination no matter where he stands in the polls.


Mike Huckabee – Golden Retriever


Huckabee is often known as charming and confident towards others. A Golden Retriever also might also resemble Huckabee by its level of intelligence.


Ben Carson – Belgian Sheepdog


Carson and Belgian Sheepdogs are quite remarkable. Both are serious-minded and super intelligent. Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, was the first to successfully separated conjoined twins at the back of their heads.


Rick Santorum – Beagle


Rick Santorum is your typical family dad, just as a beagle is your typical family dog. Both are loving, family oriented and often easily won over, making both not the best watchdogs.


Lindsey Graham – Dachshund


Graham is often known as friendly and easygoing, resembling a Dachshund. Dachshunds greet everyone with their friendly personality. Both often wonder why one isn’t on board with their plans.


George Pataki – Curly Coated Retriever


George Pataki and Curly Coated Retrievers are both unknown. Pataki who? Curly Coated what? Though, both are ready for work and aren’t afraid of getting mouthy. Example A would be Pataki challenging Trump to a debate based on immigration.


Caroline O