On Tuesday, January 3rd it was announced that Megyn Kelly would be leaving Fox News to join NBC. There is no doubt she’ll be missed at Fox News, but before we say goodbye to her on one station and welcome her to another, let’s talk about the real Megyn Kelly. You may know her face and her hard-hitting reports, but as the release of her first book, Settle For More, revealed, there’s a lot we didn’t know about Megyn Kelly.

Here are 25 things we learned about Megyn Kelly in her new book/

  1. She was raised without the helicopter parents of today and was making her own breakfast by age 5.

  2. Her father died of a heart attack when she was a teenager, and she and her family came together to overcome the grief.

  3. One of her favorite memories of her brother was putting a key lime pie right in his face on her birthday

  4. During her sophomore year of high school, she and her friend Kelly stole some costume jewelry from Kmart. They got caught by their parents of course, and returned them and apologized to the manager.

  5. Life hasn’t always been peachy, and she was bullied pretty hard in elementary and middle school.

  6. Doug hasn’t always been the #1 man in her life. She was previously married to Dan Kendall, a doctor. Their busy schedules didn’t bode well for their marriage and they split amicably

  7. She and her first husband, Dan, actually met on the night that Princess Diana died.

  8. The reason she is so great at discussing legal issues is because she was a lawyer.

  9. In law school, she was very upset that she didn’t “grade on” to the law review and had to work extra hard to join the publication

  10. During school, she taught aerobics classes to make some extra money. No wonder she’s in such great shape.

  11. She was on her law school’s moot court team, so she has a lot of arguing experience.

  12. Kelly’s legal career included a stint at the famous Jones Day firm

  13. Her foray into broadcast journalism before Fox News was short! She was in local TV for only two years before joining the network.

  14. Her trouble with Trump and his supporters was not the first time that she has been harassed. She was stalked several years ago, and was actually under surveillance of body guards when she met her second and current husband, Doug.

  15. Her stalker served prison time for his actions, but now he is scarily back out on the streets.

  16. Her first date with Doug was a blind date she almost didn’t go on at Zaytinya in D.C. She and Dan were separated, but they still weren’t officially divorced yet.

  17. The only real pearls she has ever owned were given to her by Doug on their wedding day. They were her “something new”

  18. She was in her mid-thirties when she got pregnant with her first child, and experienced at least one miscarriage before becoming pregnant with her first child, Yates.

  19. Megyn Kelly was actually on the O’Reilly Factor the night before she gave birth to her first child.

  20. She named her third child after the recently deceased, at that time, Margaret Thatcher.

  21. The day of the first Republican Primary debate, you know which one I’m talking about, Megyn Kelly was actually very ill and had a trashcan and a blanket under the moderator’s table.

  22. She is devoted to defending free speech, whether for Ayaan Hirsi Ali or the Westboro Baptist Church.

  23. When reflecting on the 2016 primary process, she says the “smart money” was on Jeb Bush, who was seen as presidential and had experience. One thing he was missing was “the moxie” a president needed.

  24. Her “feud” with Donald Trump ended up repairing some formerly “burnt” bridges. Previously, Megyn had attacked Erick Erickson for sexist comments he had made, but during the Trump “feud” he defended her and even disinvited Trump from a conservative gathering he was hosting.

  25. Like Gretchen Carlson, who is also no longer with Fox News, she also faced sexual harassment at the hands of former FNC CEO Roger Ailes

Megyn Kelly may no longer be firing up viewers at Fox News, but you’ll have to tune into NBC to see her in her new role. She is a great example for female journalists to look up to, and we wish her the best at whatever channel she calls home.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member