In life, we’re all just looking for ways to improve our lives, improve our minds, and improve ourselves. The world is tough, so we have to set up a game plan: things we should do every day to help start that day off on the right foot and take on life head-on.

1. Get up earlier.

We’re not all a morning person, no, but we should all become one. Waking up earlier gives you more time in the day to be productive. It also gives you the chance to have a good, hearty breakfast, which is proven to improve concentration and performance.

2. Make your bed.

Let’s be real, coming home to a clean, warm made bed after a long day at work/school, or even a long day in general, is probably the best feeling anyone will ever experience. Let yourself enjoy this pleasure.

3. Spend a little more time on your appearance, if you want to.

Spend some time picking out the perfect outfit or applying your makeup the way you love. Do whatever it takes to boost your self-confidence and make you smile.

4. Start the day off with yoga or stretching (or both, why not?)

Clear your day of stress and annoyances before it even begins and have some calm time to yourself to improve flexibility and calm your mind.

5. Stay hydrated.

You’re supposed to drink like, three or four bottles of water a day in order to be properly hydrated. That’s a lot. If you’re not, you’re probably going to experience a lot of headaches and it’s bad for your body. It’s especially crucial in the summer. Take care of your body.

6. Create new playlists.

Make playlists of music that makes you happy for when you’re in an emotional funk. Blast some Beyoncé and have a little dance party in your room. Have a throwback sesh to old Ke$ha or Jesse McCartney and relive “the glory days”. Listen to songs for the mood you want to be in instead of the mood you are in.

7. Compliment others.

Compliment at least five people a day. Actually, compliment everyone. An acquaintance, a classmate, a coworker, your boss, or even a stranger. Even just complimenting someone’s hair or their outfit or the way the smile will make their day so much better you won’t even believe it. You have no idea what people are going through, even people you know very well. Do something good.

8. Use your manners.

Say please and thank you. In today’s society, manners have become lost in the “give me what I want” mentality of the youth. Thank someone for holding the door open for you, or let’s you go in first. For helping you pick up things you dropped. They did it voluntarily—they didn’t have to, so a thank you wouldn’t hurt.

9. Eat healthy, even though the pizza rolls are tempting.

Choose fruits and vegetables over the junk food, at least for the most part. It will make you feel so much better, and when you feel better, everything begins to improve in your day and in your life.

10. Have a good laugh. Or a lot of them.

Catch up with old friends you haven’t seen in forever, watch and re-watch Parks and recreation on Netflix, reminisce on some of your funniest experiences. You don’t have to be a doctor to know that laughter is the best medicine.

11. Focus on the positives.

Be optimistic. Being negative will do nothing to benefit you or anyone else. If all you do is see the negative side of everything, your mood will remain negative.

12. Exercise. 

It doesn’t have to be intensive. A jog around the block, taking your dog for a walk, or even play “Just Dance” for a while. Get your blood pumping and your horizontal running in action.

13. Spend your spare time reading.

Carry a newspaper, book, or magazine with you. Educate yourself on current issues, read that new romantic thriller that will eventually be a movie, or see which actually happily married couple is supposedly divorcing today.

14. Try to learn something new every day.

Learn some random interesting fact about whales, how to cook a new dish, or even some words in another language. Increasing your knowledge on literally anything can be very beneficial to your life, no matter how supposedly random the topic.

15. Help others whenever you can.

Help a classmate with their homework, offer to stay late at work for someone who has to leave early, or even just lend a hand when someone is struggling. Being friendly is one of the most important things. Let others know you’re an outlet for them, and that you are always there for them, no matter the circumstance.

16. Stop procrastinating.

No matter how motivated you are right now, you need to push yourself to start/complete what you’re holding off on. You’re going to have to do it eventually, and your future self will love you for not making them cram everything in last minute.

17. Drink something other than soda or coffee all the time.

Give your system something new. Drink water, tea, etc. That stuff is sooooo much better than you think it is because you’re distracted by Coca-Cola and Starbucks. And it’s good for you. Which is a plus.

18. Give yourself a break.

Make some time in your day to do things that you enjoy and that relax you, whether that’s painting, having a bubble bath, getting your nails done, or bingeing an entire season of a show on Netflix.

19. Don’t dwell on your mistakes.

Things are going to wrong. Sometimes you can control them, and sometimes you can’t, and that’s okay. Learn from them, so you can grow as a person.

20. Eat three meals per day.

We all get into this rushed momentum and tend to neglect ourselves because it’s inconvenient to tend to our needs. Eat breakfast, eat lunch, eat dinner. Don’t just snack all day, because that’s not the proper amount of food your body needs.

21. Have a plan.

Whether it’s planning out your day in a planner or thinking about what you want to do after your get out of school, have a plan. Don’t go into each day unprepared and then be blindsided when life hits you hard.

22. Get enough sleep.

You’re starting yourself off at a disadvantage if you’re constantly getting too little sleep. If you’re tired, it’s harder for you to be happy, and that’s always the ultimate goal. Go to bed before 2 AM, preferably midnight.

23. Challenge yourself.

Test yourself. Keep your mind sharp. Challenging your beliefs strengthens your mind and helps you reflect on yourself. Be willing to exert more effort into every activity. Do enough to where you won’t have regrets when you look back on your life.

24. Don’t be afraid to start over.

If you weren’t happy with yesterday, try something different today. Don’t stay stuck. Do better. Create a new routine, spice it up a little. You determine your life and who you are.

25. Learn to love yourself.

If you accept who you are and learn to be happy with and love it, everyone else will, too. That is the most important thing you should every day: try to come to terms with who you are more and more each day, and love who that is.

Emily W
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Emily is a Crimson Tide-lovin' Conservative whose callings in life are to raise self-esteem & eat tons of pizza rolls. Usually spotted at home, in her bed, because Desperate Housewives has replaced her social life. Roll tide.

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