Last Thursday it was Donald Trump’s time to shine, and on Thursday, July 28th, Hillary Clinton got the chance to do something she desperately tried to do eight years ago: accept the nomination for president at the Democratic National convention. Introduced by her own daughter, Chelsea, Hillary Clinton took the stage in what, even as Republicans, we acknowledge as a historic moment to accept the nomination. However, we ARE Republicans, and we ARE Hillary’s worst nightmare, and her speech certainly gave us lots of things to cringe at. Here are some of the best cringe-worthy moments.

1. When she exploited 9/11 victims in her intro video and tried to act like she was in the White House making the decisions on that day.  

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2. When she showcased people putting Hillary stickers on their poor innocent babies that Hillary would gladly let be aborted the day before they were born


3. When she walked out in a white pantsuit like she was innocent or something


4. When they played an ENTIRE song to introduce her and waved like some sort of superstar, or dictator.

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5. When she mentioned “bad times” in her marriage with Bill and he kept looking at the ground

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6. When she said the US was better because of Obama’s leadership


7. When she thanked Bernie Sanders and his campaign and he didn’t so much as crack a smile


8. When the camera kept zooming in on people who personify what we think of as radical feminists


9. When she said she was “clear-eyed” about what the country was up against but she won’t say radical Islamic terrorism.

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10. When she talked about building a path to citizenship for MILLIONS of illegal immigrants


11. When she called young people “tolerant” and you remembered what life is like as a Republican on campus.


12. When she bragged about going to 112 countries as Secretary of State but you know she had no real accomplishments during her tenure.


13. When she said “look at what happened in Dallas” but didn’t talk about the hateful rhetoric that caused it.


14. When the camera panned back to Bernie at 10:55 PM and he was SOOOO DONNEEEE.


15. When she said she was going to be a president for Republicans


16. When she said “none of us can be satisfied with the status quo” but she is the status quo


17. When she said “Democrats are the party of working people” but you know better

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18. When she says “our democracy isn’t working the way it should” but her new campaign chairman tried to rig the democracy


19. When she said she wanted to pass a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United

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20. When she said companies should share profits

tyra banks

21. When she kept saying “join us” like she was a cult leader or something

lady gaga yikes

22. When she called abortion a “healthcare decision” like it wasn’t murder


23. When she promised free college like it was realistic but you know she was just trying to appease Bernie supporters

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24. When she said “deal me in” on the woman card issue AGAIN but you know you’re more than your gender

kim k i dont like it

25. When she tried to act like any Republican in Congress would EVER work with her

nene leakes

26. When she claimed she wasn’t here to take away your guns but she praised Australia’s gun buyback program


27. When she quoted Hamilton because you know she’s seen it MULTIPLE Times. #OnePercent.

rashida jones disguted


Aryssa D
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