Image Credits: AP Photo

Last Friday night, Vice President Mike Pence delivered an uplifting speech at Turning Point USA’s Midwest Regional Conference in Chicago. In addition to highlighting the many recent wins of the administration, Pence offered 3 challenges to young conservatives both in attendance that night and student activists throughout the nation.

  1. Carry what you learn through conservative conferences and organizations back home or back to campus .

Pence encouraged young conservatives to not only listen to the speeches given at the conferences they attend, but to take what they learn back to their home or their campuses. He states, “What you have seen and learned and heard from this movement, carry from here, and continue to lead in this generation.” He stressed that the next generation of conservatives should live out their values, stand up for the country’s most cherished traditions and always be prepared to give a reason for the hope that they have. Pence also brought up a story from his morning devotion to help illustrate how one should lead. He used the Parable of the Sower from the book of Luke. He quoted Luke 8:8 which reads, “The seed that fell on good soil yielded a crop 100 times more than was sown.” Pence encouraged young conservatives to have a good and noble heart and be men and women of character.

2. Persevere.

In addition to bringing their knowledge and determination back to campus, Pence challenged young conservatives to always persevere. He discussed how conservatives will face backlash and mentioned how Hayden Williams took a punch for all of us while standing up for this beliefs at UC Berkeley. Pence said to expect the backlash, persevere through it and not give up. This led him to quote his second favorite president, Calvin Coolidge: “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence.” After more remarks about Coolidge and his perseverance rhetoric, Pence wrapped up this challenge by stating “Coolidge had it right, we need to press on.”

3. Have fun

Towards the end of his speech, Pence enthusiastically asserted, “Have fun, because winners have fun, and we’re winning … as President Trump has said, you have the courage, you speak the truth, you do what is right and you fight for what you believe!” He also brought up the fact that there were brave men and women who fought for the values we hold dear and the only thing young conservatives have to do is “stand up, speak up, identify, empower and organize.”

Pence was very invested into the future of the country and acknowledged it is in the hands of the rising generation of conservatives. The challenges he gave are very relevant and will help young conservatives in their journey. By carrying their knowledge back to campus, persevering and having fun, young conservatives will be successful and will continue the fight for freedom in America.