In Hollywood, conservative celebrities are vastly outnumbered by liberals and leftists. Hollywood A-listers have a big audience, and they know people will listen to them. Therefore, their words and actions can be influential. Celebrities often use this power, specifically to send a widespread political message. Here are well-known conservative American celebrities and the activism they’re doing. 

Lee Greenwood

Mark Humphrey/AP

Most known for his popular song, “God Bless the USA,” country star Lee Greenwood is the precise definition of a true American. Greenwood had not intended on the song to be political, but has since performed it at the inaugurations of President Reagan, Bush (Jr. and Sr.), and Trump. While we don’t know for sure which presidential candidate Greenwood voted for in the 2016 election, we do know that he has supported and backed Trump since the presidency. When asked about his feelings toward Trump in an interview with Rolling Stone, Greenwood said he felt “confident that Trump will take a good shot at it.” There’s no doubt that Greenwood is a strong influencer to conservative politics.

Candace Cameron Bure

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Most known for her role as DJ on “Full House” and now, “Fuller House,” Candace Cameron Bure is not ashamed to share her conservative views with the world. Before quitting “The View” in 2016, Candace was nothing but shy with her political remarks throughout her short time on the show. If you watched the show, you know she often took on heated discussions with other ‘View” cast members such as Whoopie Goldberg. One of Candace’s most important roles in activism is that of eating disorders. After the Full House series ended, Candace struggled with bulimia herself. She has since gotten help and is not shy when sharing her story. Also a conservative Christian, Cameron once said in an interview with Laura Cipullo, her faith in God is what got her through her struggles.

Lauren Conrad


Although Lauren Conrad tends to keep quiet when it comes to her political views, it’s been rumored she’s a registered Republican. Important issues such as hunger, abuse, and cancer are among many she advocates for. Similar to us here at FFL, Lauren is all about empowering women. With the help of best friend and business partner Hannah Skvarla, she started a nonprofit organization called “The Little Market,” where the slogan reads: “A nonprofit organization founded by women to empower women.” The fair trade organization allows women from all over the world to sell handmade products online from the comfort of their own home. What better role model than one who bases her company on empowering women from all around the world?

Bethany P