We are all called to served, to give back to our community, but we all choose to do that in different ways. Some people do it more than others, some people do it loudly, and some people do it quietly. The important thing, truly though, is that we give back. However, as successful conservative women, there are three distinct ways we are able to give back that use our gifts to help others all which enriching our own lives. In fact, it doesn’t cost a dime of anything but your time.

Help people prepare for the US Citizenship test

Girls, we know the Constitution and our system of government like the back of our hand and care about supporting legal, as opposed to illegal, immigration. Why not help people become one of the best things in the world: a US citizen? This is a truly rewarding way to give back with a big return, and you can do it all off the top of your head once you’re aware of what is being tested. Brush up on your knowledge of the test and then volunteer at a local library, community center, or college. It could be your Key Club’s activity for the year, or a new project for your Young Republicans club.

QUIZ: Can You Pass the US Citizenship Test? 

Give resume advice and feedback

We’re all proud to show off our resumes, right? We brag about the new design, a new job, our skill at using action words and quantifiable results, but what are we doing to help others land that dream job, or simply a job that will get them back on their feet? One of the most requested programs in public libraries and shelters is for resume and job application help, and even the most basic formatting of a resume can be daunting to someone who has been out of the workforce for awhile. Volunteer somewhere with a computer and something as basic as Microsoft Word and you can make a big difference in helping people land employment, plus you can practice your own resume writing skills. This would be a great volunteer activity for a business fraternity or a group dedicated to helping with re-entry after prison.

Babysit or offer after school programming for single moms

Pro-life people are very, very tired of being told we stop carrying about babies after they exit the womb, but there is more we can be doing than advocating against the need for abortions. One way to do this is to support mothers, especially young single mothers, who chose life when society was advising them not to. We can babysit for them, at little to no cost, while they work, seek employment or simply need a night off.  After school programming is also a huge need for working parents, so volunteering at a school or sports program to keep kids entertained and off the streets before and after school is a huge help. Show you care about supporting people who chose life by making their lives a little easier. This is a great way to make a little money (though you should certainly volunteer for free if you feel called) or you can organize a group of young women (maybe in a sorority) to offer after school programming or babysitting services through the summer.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member