“My daughter wants to be a United States Senator. No, Really! She is challenging the incumbent, who is a former presidential candidate with 100% Name recognition, and attempting to be the first female, United States Senator from the state of Arizona!”

When Dr. Kelli Ward announced her candidacy for the United States Senate in July of 2015, it was not a decision she made alone. It was a decision she made with her family’s support. Over the last ten months Kelli has hit the campaign trail, covering almost every corner of the great state of Arizona and has often been accompanied by her mother, Lorraine and daughter, Katie. One of Kelli’s strongest beliefs is in the value of family. And with her mother and daughter by her side, Kelli’s campaign has brought three generations of women together with the goal of bringing strong, conservative leadership to the state of Arizona, while also giving its people their first female senator.


Kelli Ward and her mother both practiced medicine (left) before Kelli’s campaign for United States Senate. (right)

As Kelli began her long and hard fought campaign her mother, Lorraine, offered her advice as she always has, “I reminded her that she was blessed with exceptional talents and using them for good should be her priority in life.” Before she hit the campaign trail with her daughter, Lorraine shared her exceptional talents with many people as a teacher and later as a pediatrician. However, Kelli’s political endeavor was not something that Lorraine wanted to be a bystander for.  “I didn’t want to miss a minute of what promises to be a historical battle and victory. So, I retired from my career as a pediatrician and traded my stethoscope for an i-Phone camera and a bag of buttons and became a volunteer on the campaign trail for the next US Senator from Arizona, my daughter, my friend, Dr. Kelli Ward,” Lorraine says.  

The mother-daughter support system within the campaign does not just involve Kelli and her mother but rather it extends another generation, As Kelli’s own daughter, Katie campaigns fiercely alongside her mother and grandmother.   “I love going on the campaign trail with my mom and grammy. I never want to miss a second of it…they inspire me,” says Katie.   As a senior at Arizona State University, Katie uses every opportunity to hit the campaign trail to extend her knowledge and to become even closer to the inspiring generations of women who have come before her.  Katie says, “ It’s great to be so close with my family…[my] mom is an amazing woman with so much to offer…So I know she will be an amazing US Senator.”

As the official matriarchal figure of the entire campaign, Lorraine shares Katie’s sense of family pride, stating  “three generations of women in our family are working together to try to save and preserve our incredible, American way of life.  We are loving and supporting one another in this challenge and using the talents each of us can offer at these different stages of our lives.”  While each of the women in the family are at different stages, Kelli’s current stage in her life, that of being a candidate for the United States Senate, is a unique and unprecedented challenge for the entire family. Yet, despite its seemingly difficult challenges and hurdles, Kelli wears the title of candidate for US Senator with such grace, due in part to the humbling family-oriented nature of her campaign.  “I absolutely love having my mom and my daughter on the campaign trail with me. We are three intelligent, compassionate women working to make a difference in our communities and country. We share strong values and purpose enhanced by our individual generational perspective” says candidate for United States Senate, Kelli Ward.  

Dr. Ward’s battle for the title of United States Senator from Arizona is long from over and together these three generations of women will continue to take to the campaign trail, serving as advocates for strong conservative leadership and demonstrating the strong bonds of mother-daughter relationships across generations. Most mother-daughter duos spend their time brunching, but these women have traded their brunches for campaign buttons and have devoted their heads and hearts to achieving a common goal: Electing their daughter/ mother to the United States Senate. In her own words, Kelli Ward knows that: “Together we are unstoppable”


Three generations of women with the goal of bringing strong, conservative leadership to the state of Arizona, while also giving its people their first female senator. (Left to Right): Lorraine Byrd, Katie Ward, and Dr. Kelli Ward.

Taylor H
Taylor is currently studying Public Administration and Policy at the Univeristy of Arizona. Fluent in sarcasm, and a white wine enthusiast, Taylor enjoys spending her days interning for the Kelli Ward for US Senate campaign and being the outspoken republican voice in a class full of liberals.

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Photos provided courtesy of Lorraine Byrd and Kelli Ward