As conservatives, we are always looking for productive, thought provoking, and inspiring podcasts to listen to. Here are three great podcast every conservative girl boss will love.

Relatable with Allie Stuckey

Allie Stuckey started her blog, The Conservative Millennial, in 2016 to comment on the election from her unique perspective as a conservative, millennial woman. Her blog grew in readers at an incredibly fast rate and sent her into the world of political commentary. She has since signed on with CRTV and posts 2 podcasts weekly on current issues, news, theology, culture, and more! I am a huge fan of Allie’s, because she tells it like it is, and she gives girls like me a voice in a climate that would rather tell conservative women their opinions don’t matter. You can find her podcasts on all platforms.

Life As She Knows It

Kimberly Corban and Kirsta Rinehart are wonderful women with passion and expertise on topics which can be incredibly taboo to talk about; topics like sexual assault, mental health, and more might be incredibly daunting for some, but not for these ladies. KImberly Corban was a 20 year old college student when she was sexually assaulted, but despite her past, 12 years later she has been a profound inspiration for so many survivors and regularly speaks publicly about her experience and advocates for concealed carry to empower and protect ladies everywhere. Kirsta Rinehart is no amateur either, as she currently works at a district attorney’s office and has experience in criminal justice going back 12 years. These two are incredibly inspirational and empowering. Their podcast will surely inspire you to be an advocate in your everyday life as well.

Gals on the Go

“Gals on the Go” features Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio, both popular Youtubers and college students at the University of Georgia. They cover topics ranging from productivity, girl power, boys, and school that all girls could benefit from. Their online community of empowered females doesn’t just stop with their podcast or Youtube channels. They also have a community Facebook page that listeners can go to to get more one on one interaction with them and other girls like them. They aren’t political, but if you’re looking for more lifestyle content, they are your girls. You can find the “Gals on the Go” podcast on all platforms.

Ellie H