Image Credits: Tumblr

In a world where it seems hard for a single person to make a difference, apathy is easy. The political world doesn’t stop for anyone or anything, and to keep up is exhausting. There are endless facets of debate, extremists on every side of the spectrum, and let’s be honest, nothing ever seems to get resolved. So why should you care? Well. That’s easy. Social issues and progressivism aside, here are three non-partisan reasons you should care about politics no matter which side of the aisle you’re on.

1. The National Debt. At this point in time, the national debt is about 18 trillion, or $18,000,000,000,000. Now, while 18 trillion may just sound like a big number that plays no role in your life, remember that this is money that eventually must be payed back, and we each have a large share in doing that. If the national debt were to be paid back today, each citizen would owe approximately $58,000. This number is important to keep in mind when we elect government officials to represent us, as big government spending only pushes us closer and closer to absolutely crippling debt. As our debt continues to grow, the problem only gets worse.

2. You pay taxes. That chunk of money always missing from your paycheck? That goes towards to government. That pays the salaries of the government officials who bring us deeper and deeper into debt. Speaking of which, did you know that as a taxpayer your share of the national debt is even higher than just a citizens? AS taxpayers, each of us owes about $160,000 of the national debt. Now, I don’t know about you, but if my hard earned money is going to be paying the people who put us in that situation, I want them to do a good job representing me and making sure the decisions they make are in my best interest.

3. This is your country! We are blessed to live in a nation where we are given the opportunity to shape the future and direction of our culture. The problem many young activists face in politics is feeling as if they themselves are making no difference, and the reason for this is that they focus on being the “face of the movement” rather than building an army and mobilizing other young people who share their beliefs. Of course your vote alone won’t change the direction of the country, but when you inspire others to get out and vote as well? That’s when the change happens. Choosing not to vote is not rebellion against a seemingly too-big-to-fail government, it is surrender of your values and beliefs.