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If you ask someone to name controversial political issues, he or she would likely suggest abortion, gun control, religious liberty, and combatting ISIS as the frontrunners. Imagine sitting with a parent, a cousin, or even a close friend that leans liberal and debating these issues. Cringing yet? Now imagine sitting with your significant other (that also leans liberal) and debating these issues. That would be one cringe-worthy experience for most. Unfortunately, for some, this isn’t a “potential” experience; this is actually happening everyday in relationships across America. Despite the media forcing liberals and conservatives into separate boxes, these two groups often respect, befriend, and date one another. As you may have already guessed, I am one of those people. I dated a hanging-off-the-left-wing, Bernie Sanders worshipping, liberal for two years. It was an up-and-down experience, with many, many downs.

Ladies, from experience, I can tell you that not all liberals are easy to be in relationships with. I don’t, however, recommend shutting out all liberals from your considerations. Instead, be cautious about what type of liberals you date. Here is what to avoid:

  1. Liberals that stereotype conservatives. Oftentimes, liberals cannot look past the stereotypes they force conservatives into, such as “bigots,” “homophobes,” and “sexists.” If you date a liberal, ensure that he or she will dismiss all hateful rhetoric about conservatives. You don’t deserve someone close-minded.  

  2. Liberals that cannot support your political endeavors. If you’re heavily involved in the political realm, I suggest friend-zoning any liberal who cannot applaud your political achievements. The last thing you want is someone who cannot be genuinely proud of you despite your differences.

  3. Liberals that won’t consider a shift in ideology. No, you shouldn’t force them to switch their party affiliation. However, communication is key in any relationship. If your partner can’t listen and attempt to understand your perspective on a political issue, there is no need to waste your time.

As I said, dating a liberal is no walk in the park. Rejecting someone based solely off of political ideology, though, can prove to be a mistake. There are many open-minded, warm-hearted, intelligent liberals–it is just a matter of finding one that can acknowledge you with similar respect.

Alexandra A
FFL Contributor