I recently read Ivanka Trump’s, Women Who Work. The book addresses contemporary issues that strong, powerful women in the workforce encounter and how to deal with life’s challenges from that perspective. The self-help advice was indeed super helpful. What I found most intriguing about her work is the emphasis she places on maintaining her health as a fuel source and for the concept of ‘life in phases.’ By approaching each phase in our lives as just that, a phase, we can more easily learn to make time for the people and things that really matter to us, one of them being ourselves. One of the fundamental aspects to Ivanka’s energy, empowerment, and effortless style comes from strong foundations in personal health.

Most of us are busy. However, from my experience, I have witnessed so many others fall victim to the inevitable lethargy that comes with such hours of dedication to careers and activities. As a huge fan of everything fitness, I have come to fully understand the ways that personal health and self-care are the necessary component to optimism. Whether you are a cardio queen or weightlifting warrior, exercise is the key to completing our goals with satisfaction and well-rounded well-being

A happy, healthy lifestyle has contributed to my personal and professional life in numerous ways. I want to share how my passion for working out has made me a better leader, activist, and employee for three reasons:

Master time management.

Ivanka clearly has her priorities straight. She knows what to prioritize and when to do it, but she never falls short of incorporating the importance of her health throughout each day. While I am nowhere near her level of professionalism and power, I can relate with her on having incredibly busy days where it seems I may never sleep again, However, by turning a daily workout into ‘my time,’ it becomes a way to block out the world, focus on myself, and relax, while simultaneously making me physically and mentally stronger. Gym time is just another part of my schedule and the one I look forward to the most. If something is really your main priority, you will make time for it. I believe that ourselves should be on top of that list.


Obviously, Ivanka looks great. We all want to look great, but life’s events can sometimes get in the way of a strict, healthy routine. However, by continuously improving my time management and realizing it is fully possible to prioritize myself, I am more confident. I know what matters to me and I know that none of it can be achieved without treating myself right and giving my physical self what it needs. Working out with the right intentions is key to bettering ourselves overall. Personal fitness is about personal records and personal records; competing against yourself and seeing what you can accomplish is amazingly gratifying. Be proud of what you can do.

You’ll be energetic and motivated to work hard

There is no lack of evidence that says that exercise makes you happier and more energetic. A combination of these two undoubtedly has an effect on the way we approach our daily work. We spend so much time focusing on studying and working that our brains never really get a break. When we give ourselves the endorphins that occur from physical activity, we are more alert, motivated, and happier. We function better with clearer, more active minds, and this is something that numerous cups of coffee cannot do alone. These conditions make studying for a hard test or mastering a big project at work a little more enjoyable.

By using these three reasons, I wish to inspire each of you to dedicate time to improve your overall health this year! 

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Kelly H