I’ve spent a lot of 2019 studying productivity and happiness in an effort to be happy, to feel less busy, and to use the time I have most effectively. I cannot recommend books by Laura Vanderkam enough for this endeavor. I’ve read everything she’s written so far, and I’ve listened to her daily podcast for nearly a month. One of my favorite ideas she explores is taking back your weekends, particularly your Sunday.

Think about your own life. Do you look forward to Sunday, or dread them? Do Sundays feel like the end of your week, or the beginning of the next week? For me, they feel like the end of the week, but that has a lot to do with the choices I make the rest of the week. Inspired by Vanderkam’s advice and my own experiences, here are three tips for taking back your Sundays and making them enjoyable instead of just the day leading up to Monday. 

Plan your next week on Friday instead of Sunday

Sundays seem really scary when you spend half of it planning what to do the next week, starting less than twelve hours from them. When you put off planning until Sunday, you lure yourself into a false sense of urgency and think you’ve wasted time, when you simply haven’t. Friday afternoons are often unproductive anyways, so why not take a few minutes to sit down, look at your week ahead, and make plans. Know what days you’ll be able to work late, plan i some self-care, and free your weekend up from the planning process by just getting it over with. It’s a simple way to save yourself some stress.

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Don’t wile away at chores and errands

We all live busy lives. It can seem like weekends are the only time we have to catch up on chores and errands, but we should be enjoying our weekends, not spending them mopping an grocery shopping and doing laundry.  Plus, when you have the whole weekend to accomplish your chores and tasks, they actually take up more time than if you were in a crunch. Instead, sneak in your weekly chores into the day. Put away the dishes while your breakfast cooks. Throw laundry in while you watch a movie, and fold it while dancing to music or listening to an audio book. I order my groceries online, which means I can shop online during the day, and then I schedule them to be delivered one night when I know I’ll be home and available to put them away. Then, I don’t spend all Saturday walking around the grocery store. Save your weekend for you. Yes, chores and errands need to be done, but don’t save them all for Saturday and Sunday when they could easily be done Tuesday morning or Thursday before bed.

Plan something fun for Sunday evening

The best way to keep your weekend enjoyable is to enjoy every second of it, from the second you leave your office Friday to when you wake up Monday morning. Vanderkam really stresses planning something fun for Sunday evening. That’s why I thank God for Game of Thrones. Having something fun planned for Sunday nights allows your weekend to actually stretch into Sunday instead of ending on Sunday morning when you wake up and start planning for the week ahead. It also keeps you energized throughout the weekend and happier! Plan something fun but not too intensive. Don’t plan to take a trip or something Sunday night. Watch a movie you’ve been wanting to see. Paint some pottery and drink wine. Visit with an old friend.Plan on Friday for something YOU want to do on Sunday night and actually do it!

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member