It’s time for another Conservative Women Weekly. Here are the 4 big wins by center right women this week.

Ivanka Trump Highlights Program for Farmers, Ranchers with Tour of Produce Distribution Center

Senior advisor to President Trump, Ivanka Trump, joined Department of Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue on a tour of a produce distribution center in Maryland this week to highlight how funds from the CARES Act are being used to support farmers and ranchers.

Trump wore a blank face mask with an American flag as she toured the Center to watch how food boxes were assembled. The visit was meant to give Trump and Perdue a chance to see how CARES Act funds are being used. The legislation gave funding for a program that helps suppliers whose businesses have been impacted by the pandemic to distribute food boxes to food banks, community organizations and nonprofits.

NRCC Celebrates Surge in Women Running for House Seats

With new data released by the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) showing a surge in women running for House seats, the NRCC is celebrating a record number of GOP women entering races.

The NRCC has reported a record 223 GOP women this year. The organization, which organizes and supports Republican office runs across the country, has given some credit to Elise Stefanik’s (R-NY) efforts to help fund congressional campaigns for GOP women.

Betsy DeVos Pushes for School Choice in Guidance to School Districts Across the Country

The CARES Act stimulus package passed in March, created the Education Stabilization Fund, a multi-billion dollar package aimed at providing funds for schools around the country that had been thrown into financial disarray by the coronavirus pandemic. The fund provided a total of $30.75 billion to schools — roughly $14 billion for higher education and $13.2 billion for elementary and secondary education, with the rest, about $2.9 billion, going to the nation’s governors, according to The Hill.

In guidance issued to States this week, DeVos advocated for increasing funds provided to private schools to ensure those schools are not negatively impacted by the pandemic. DeVos has long been an advocate for giving students access to private schools if they do not feel well fit for their public schools. With this guidance, she is ensuring students continue to have access to choices for their education, even amidst a pandemic.

Kimberly Corban Opens Up About Sexual Assault for 4th Year in a Row

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of her sexual assault in 2016, survivor advocate Kimberly Corban live tweeted her attack tweet by tweet to spread awareness, reclaim her narrative, and break the silence. This week, for the fourth year in a row, Kim shared her story once again and even followed up with a twitter livestream Q&A to continue the conversation about assisting survivors, ending stigma, and sharing stories.

Kim’s strength has made her a pillar of the #MeToo movement four years ago. Each year as she continues to share her story, she continues to help survivors see the potential for a brighter, less stigmatized future. Being that vulnerable and open is hard, but Kim shows us that starting the hard conversations truly can save lives.

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