Future Female Leaders has always been a source of encouragement, love, and empowerment for conservative women. This October, things are no different. We, as an organization, began the Think Pink campaign during Breast Cancer Awareness Month as an initiative to empower those affected by this disease. All month long, young women from across the nation have worn pink gear from FFL, and wrote articles about Breast Cancer awareness, diagnosis, along with many other stories about how their lives have been affected by it. As October begins to come to a close, here are some words of empowerment from cancer fighters and their loved ones.

Caroline Craig, North Carolina

Courtesy of Caroline Craig

Breast cancer is what has happened to you but it is not who you are. You’re strong, empowered, and a fighter. As a breast cancer survivors daughter, I know how you’re feeling. My mom was confused, sad, angry, and constantly filled with worry. But she didn’t let cancer control her. She is my hero for this. And you’re a hero too. This community of survivors and survivors’ families and friends are all fighting with you. We are on the same team. And we are all praying for you. God gives his toughest battles to his strongest warriors, and you are just that.

Alana Bannan, Washington

Courtesy of Alana Bannan

I pray that sufferers of this awful disease would not lose hope. Remember those around you and be strong for them, yes, but be strong for yourself first. You have to keep fighting for yourself and keep believing a better outcome is possible. Losing hope in yourself is a battle you do not want to lose. You’re stronger than you think you are!

Emma Thatcher, Florida

Courtesy of Emma Thatcher

You are beautiful, courageous, a fighter, and a hero. You’re never fighting this battle alone. So many people have fought the same battles and understand what you’re going through. In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.” Don’t forget that there is strength inside you even when you feel weak. Never stop fighting.

Karly Matthews, Pennsylvania

Courtesy of Karly Matthews

FFL has been highlighting so many amazing stories of bravery and survival this month, and I could not be more proud of this organization and the millions of women who have conquered breast cancer. You are beautiful, empowered, and can overcome this disease. Know that everyone at FFL is rooting for you in your unique fight, praying for you always, and that we are proud to say that we Think Pink this October.

Future Female Leaders is donating 50% of our net proceeds from our ThinkPink line to Breast Cancer Research Foundation, where 91% of funding goes directly to breast cancer research and awareness. Please consider supporting our campaign by purchasing our ThinkPink products here

Riley J