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It’s no secret that many conservative politicos are a little addicted to Fox News. From “Fox and Friends” to “The Five” to “The Greg Gutfeld Show,” Fox already has tons of awesome shows – but these are four new ideas that might make the channel even better. 

West Wing News with Dana Perino

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Have you ever wondered what happens on a typical day in the West Wing? Who better to deliver news about the goings-on in the White House than its former Press Secretary? Dana Perino knows the ins and outs of how the White House works, so she would be the perfect person to comment on events that happen there. Since she is well-liked by nearly everyone, she would be able to reach people on both sides of the aisle… and everybody loves Jasper!


Stirewalt & Starnes

FOX News, Todd Starnes / Youtube

Can you even imagine how hilarious this show would be? Both Todd Starnes and Chris Stirewalt are Fox News contributors – and quite entertaining ones at that. They aren’t afraid to be politically incorrect, and give a fresh and intelligent take on conservatism. If Fox put them together on a show, they would smash ridiculous arguments through corny jokes, all while sounding logical.

Word on the Street

Fox News

“Man on the street” interviews make us shake our heads at the state of our society sometimes, but at least they’re entertaining, and sometimes even surprising. What if Fox News had a 30 minute weekend show hosted by Jesse Watters and Kat Timpf, which began with a man on the street interview on some issue or event, and then discussed that issue with a person from the interview? The show would bring the opinions of people not involved in politics to the network, for an interesting and informative show.


Millennial Mornings

Fox News

What better way to involve millennials than to host a panel of them each day on the nation’s top cable news channel? The panel could be hosted by a millennial news personality like Katie Pavlich or Guy Benson. In addition to the host, it would feature a round table different young conservatives each day. They could give an inside look of conservative college and high school students who are making a difference on their campuses.

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