I’ve heard it, you’ve heard it, everyone has heard it countless times this election season: “I’m moving to Canada if [insert candidate here] wins in November.” These feisty “patriots” are so passionate about hating a particular candidate (or all the candidates) that they just cannot stand to stay this close to the equator. Celebrities like Lena Dunham, Miley Cyrus, Whoopi Goldberg, and Raven-Symone have all sworn that come November, they’ll be packing their bags for Canada if their preferred candidate does not emerge victorious. There are a few reasons why you should not go running to Canada after the 2016 election:

1) Universal healthcare

Yes, our nation has taken steps to implement universal healthcare, but Canada is a perfect example of why we do not want a universal healthcare system. In 2010, one of Canada’s top Premiers came to America to receive a complex heart surgery rather than choosing a hospital anywhere throughout his country. The surgery could have been performed in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and Edmonton, but Premier Danny Williams opted for better care in the United States.

2) Cost of living

College costs a little less on average in Canada.  A bachelor’s degree costs around $37,000 in the US and anywhere from $8,000-$26,000 in Canada. Unfortunately, Canadians makes on average around the same annual amount as Americans, but it cost substantially more to live in Canada. A single bedroom condo in a bustling city will cost you around $350 more in Canada a year. Factor in that 2 lbs. of chicken breast will cost you $11 in a local grocery store in Canada, but only $6.50 in America. Keep adding in all of the little things that cost more here and there. Canada becomes an extremely expensive country to live in.

3) It’s not as easy as you think

Immigration to the northernmost North American country is bit stricter than our immigration system. Citizenship is not granted through marriage. According to Forbes, the most likely way to gain Canadian citizenship a family sponsorship or a job offer. If you are lucky enough to gain either.

4) Canadians are not too crazy about Americans

Sure, our neighbors are friendly, but they aren’t overly crazy about their southern neighbors. Mocking Americans is pretty common thing up there. If someone’s ideology align too closely with ours, that person will be dubbed as “American-style.” Americans are also portrayed as obnoxious and ditzy in Canadian media, while Canadians are always the stylish and sophisticated ones.

Moving north is what your heart truly longs for? Go for it. If you’re only saying that you’re heading to Canada because you don’t like the way the presidential election is turning out, start making a difference instead of just complaining about it. Get active in politics. We are the people that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be elected to represent.  We need to make sure our voices are heard. But, we cannot do that if we just claim that we will run to a different country because we don’t like the way they handle policy.

I’ve seen the actual Constitution twice in my lifetime.  Both times “We the People…” jumped out at me. That’s what this is about. Our government, our country, our rights: all of it is about We the People. We can’t be the people if we run when things don’t go our way. I encourage you all in November, regardless of how this election turns out, don’t stop being involved on Election Day. Don’t stop caring what happens to this country. Start shaping this country. Start making your voices heard. Start being We the People. For Heaven’s sake, don’t try to move to Canada.

Julia D
FFL Contributor
The only thing I love as much as politics is Tennessee football. I'm probably eating Chick-Fil-A or running late because of who I am as a person.

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