A woman of principle of hard to come by in 2017 America. Far too many ladies are willing to sacrifice their convictions for expediency, in every sense of the word. Instead of adhering to what she knows to be right and true, she gives into outside pressures to attain what she wants. Ladies, there is no more honorable, more respectable woman than the one who refuses to sacrifice her principles in the face of pressures to live differently. She may be rare, yet she is valuable in a culture all too eager to do away with truth. Here are four tips for women who still hold fast to their convictions against an incredibly unprincipled world to remain that way.

  1. Know your principles

While this may be obvious, it is a necessity. If you do not know what your foundational beliefs are, how can you live by them? If you have never thought about it before, I highly suggest you start. A few questions to ask yourself are: what are my main priorities? What are my main values? Why do I place value on this quality/belief/lifestyle? What it comes down to is this: evaluate what you believe, why, and what implications this has on your daily lifestyle.

  1. Be diligent

It is not easy. There are a tidal wave of pressures and temptations that attempt to suck in young, impressionable women. It is imperative that women of conviction remain that way. Train yourself in the way you wish to live; it is not simply a belief, but a lifestyle. Whatever your beliefs are grounded in, be studied in it and grow to know it well. It takes diligence and strength to go against the current. We must be determined and focused, unwavering and unshakeable.

  1. Live what you say

If you claim to believe in something, you will fight for it, and you will act on it. A mere glance at our political landscape and we will see politicians on the right and the left neglecting the principles they promised us they would fight for. Instead, they take the easiest path forward to get what they want. Ladies, may we never be this way. May we stick to what we say because, contrary to popular belief, we know there is still value in our word. May we mean what we say and say what we mean, every time.

  1. Be kind

Regardless of how others may perceive you and treat you, be kind. Not the contrived “I’ll be nice so it annoys you”; rather have genuine kindness when dealing with people who do not agree with you or your principles. Do not let their poor attitude rub off on you; show kindness even when they do not do the same. This ensures that while people may hate what you stand for, you are still a respectable person. Additionally, this still will shed a positive light on your beliefs. One’s beliefs may not be universally accepted, but the person can be respected because she represents herself and her beliefs well.

No matter how ungrounded our world is, women of strength and conviction are valuable and they are necessary. Let us never sacrifice what we know is truth for what we know is not.

Liana I.
FFL Cabinet
Liana is a follower of Christ and current communications student at Fairleigh Dickinson University. She enjoys writing, reading, and serving others.

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