It can be overwhelming to try and stay on top of all of your plans, events, and meetings. Organization is key. Having the best tools to keep your life in order is a must. Here are 5 apps that you need to download in order to keep your busy life in check.

Google Calendar

This app can be very helpful for syncing calendars across multiple devices. It can also sync calendars with friends, family, or classmates. You can schedule your calendar around different classes, or to organize schedules among your friend groups. This is a great way for everyone to be in sync, and keep track of your busy schedule. This app can combine all of your plans into one seamless calendar. You’ll never miss another meeting or event because everything will be in one place.


This app is included in the new iOS 11 update. It syncs with all of your other Apple products, and seamlessly integrates all of your files stored on your iCloud. This app is extremely beneficial if you actively work across multiple devices. By saving a document on one device, it will transition that document to all of your devices. This makes work much simpler. Your iCloud Drive is similar to Google Drive, which can also allow you to share files with other users, making collaborative work easier, and avoids the messy clutter of exchanging emails back and forth.


On Airtable, you can create bases and teams, which allows you to organize your ideas, and stay up to date on the subject areas that you feel most passionately about. This app allows you to organize and schedule your thoughts and ideas from anything to blog content, to your grocery shopping list. There are a number of pre-populated bases that you can work off of, or you can create your own. Airtable is great for organizing your thoughts, but also for keeping them in a neat and orderly place for easy retrieval in the future.

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Google Photos

This app works wonders for anyone who is running out of storage on their phone, but can’t seem to part with their thousands of photos. You can sync your phone to your Google account. All of your photos will go directly to your Google Drive. This allows you to delete old photos on your phone to free up space, but you can still easily access those same photos. Instead of being stored on your phone, photos you take will go directly to Google Photos. This way, you can access current and older photos from within the app, or on other devices. Since this app takes up much less storage than entire photo albums, this is a great way to keep albums organized and dated, and they won’t clutter up your device, or use up all of your storage capacity.


This app allows you to sync all of your social media platforms into one feed. You can see which of your tweets get retweeted or liked, when you are mentioned, and when someone likes or shares your Facebook post. Their analytics tab allows you to monitor your social media presence, and to see which content does better than others. HootSuite also allows you to schedule content, and then will automatically post your content at its prescheduled time and date. This is great if you are in charge of a club or organization on campus, or even if you just want to be posting more regularly on your personal channels. Managing multiple social media accounts can be a challenge, but HootSuite really makes things much simpler and user friendly.

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