I think we have all come to the realization that masks will become our new normal for the near future. If you’ve been holding onto the same mask since the beginning of the pandemic, I have news for you: you should not be wearing the same mask day in and day out. You should be washing your mask frequently and allowing them to air dry in order to prevent mildew from forming. If you are going out frequently, you should look at investing in multiple masks.

While they are ultimately for protection, that doesn’t mean that we can’t use fashionable fabrics to match our outfits, show our personalities, or support our favorite causes. Here are five of the best places to buy masks, but of course there are many more places that sell them.

Old Navy

Old Navy has really stepped up their mask game during the pandemic. They have rolled out masks in packs of 5 for $12.50 or 10 for $25.00 in both adult and kid sizes. Many of them are made from extra material from their usual apparel so if you are a frequent Old Navy shopper, you may find some masks to match your outfits. 


Etsy is a platform that many small business owners use to sell their hand-crafted wares all across the world, and masks are no different. If there’s a specific fabric or feature you’re looking for, you’ll probably find it on Etsy. There’s even several Republican masks on there as well!

American Conservation Coalition

As one of the leading young conservative organizations in the environmental space, ACC’s imprint grew again when they released their summer collection in the shop. Lucky for us, the shop contains two adorable masks – Don’t Tread on Bees and the famous Trees, Bees, and Seas line. 


Want to feel good about your purchase? Cotopaxi has you covered with their Teca Cotton Face Mask. Made from repurposed fabric and reversible, the masks come in fun colors and for every one you buy, the company pledges to donate one through their nonprofit partner. It’s a win win for everyone. 


Hear me out on this one. Yes, they are not a usual retailer we would be talking about here, but their face masks come bundled with five filters, offered at production cost, and are made from recycled plastic bottles. Plus they feature awesome ocean-themed designs! What’s not to love?

Jillian K