It’s finally spring which means it’s time for the Lilly Pulitzer dresses, skirts, and shorts to come out from the back of our closets and see the light. While I love my Lilly clothing, there is a great story of the American dream, entrepreneurship, hard work, and innovation behind the bright, patterned store front. We could all learn some things from the great Lilly Pulitzer about how to make your mark on the world.

1) Always look for inspiration

Lilly was inspired for her bright prints from working her juice stand in Palm Beach, Florida. She wanted something to cover juice stains on her clothing, and the Lilly signature look was born. Always look around you and get inspired. The world is full of ideas and inspirations and it’s up to you to find and utilize them. So go, look around, and have fun with inspiration.

2) Don’t forget to have fun

I have always wanted to work in the Lilly Pulitzer Pink Palace because it just looks like so much fun. Look on their Snapchat account on any given day, and you’re sure to find corporate soirees, exciting office spaces, and people gushing about how much they love their job. By creating an inviting and entertaining corporate culture, Lilly employees love their job. Many people would kill to work there. Lilly knows that people look forward to work and enjoy their jobs more when you have a culture of fun and excitement. Don’t forget to have fun, and live by my favorite motto: I work hard, to play hard. 

3) Find out your signature “thing”

It’s easy to spot Lilly Pulitzer clothing — bright colors, fun prints, shift dress shapes, and ruffles, bows, and other signature essentials to the Lilly brand. This is what sets Lilly apart from everyone else and makes their customers continually coming back. They have something that can’t be found anywhere else. This is so important to the business world; find out what sets you apart and emphasize it to everyone. Whether you’re creating your own brand, or you are just marketing yourself, find your unique qualities and sell yourself on them.

4) It’s all in the details

If you look at anything in Lilly Pulitzer’s stores, you can tell that they put a strong emphasis on the details. Whether it’s the hidden “Lilly” in every print, or the different zipper pulls they use on their dresses, Lilly knows that true quality is in the details. Anything can look good from afar, but it takes hard work for something to look even better up close. This isn’t applicable only for material goods — working hard and focusing on the details in any task you do won’t go unnoticed. You’ll have higher quality work, and you will stand above the others who only do work that looks good from afar.

5) Stay true to your roots

Over the past 50 years, Lilly Pulitzer has stayed true to the brand that its namesake created in 1959. Using the same silhouettes, color palettes, details, and inspirations, it’s the authenticity of the brand that keeps their customers coming back for generations. Always know where you come from. Stay true to what makes you, “you.” You know the phrase,if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”? This is especially true in branding. While it’s essential to update and modernize products and services as time passes, staying true to who you are at the core, will make you stand out.

Corinne C
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