Upon landing my first professional interview, I scurried around the mall for hours in search of something appropriate to wear. Dressing business professional doesn’t have to be stressful.  Outfits are rather accessible with the right pieces. While a plain suit is great to have for interviews and professional situations, there are definitely other options when it comes to dressing business professional. Dressing in the correct clothing will help you feel confident and ready for anything.


The first ensemble consists of a blush pink blouse, gray pixie pants, white heels with black detailing, and a rose gold watch. When dressing in a business professional environment, it’s vital to keep your color palette to a minimum. It’s safe to stick with neutral colors including black, white, and gray tones. When creating a professional wardrobe, this palette makes it easier to mix and match, creating more outfit choices. Both heels and flats are appropriate for a professional environment. Adding simple jewelry such as a watch will add class while avoiding any potential distractions.


This interviewing outfit is a tad more colorful and fun. Although it is best to stick to neutral colors, you may throw in a small splash of vibrancy.  It is best to add color in moderation. This white blouse is versatile, and will thus be perfect with almost every outfit. High-waisted, calf-length skirts have been back in style.  They’re perfect for work–fashionable yet conservative. Again, simple flats or heels are best with any work outfit. Add a small piece of jewelry and the outfit is complete!


The next outfit is comfortable yet sleek. These powder blue pants have a loose fit perfect for running around the office. In an interview, you want to feel as comfortable as possible to avoid messing with your clothes. These pants go perfectly with a white, simple blouse and can be dressed up with any neutral blazer! Nude heels or flats will go with a gold or neutral necklace to top off the outfit.


This outfit is best for a classic professional look. The top is a button-down, blue oxford tucked into a white pencil skirt. An appropriate length for a business professional skirt is knee-length with some wiggle room for comfort. Adding a navy blue blazer will complete the outfit, making it look classy and put together. If you’re unsure of how professional the environment will be, it’s always best to be overdressed rather than underdressed. A blazer adds a touch of professionalism which can be taken off if the environment ends up being more casual. Add a simple piece of jewelry and simple heels to complete the outfit.


All professional ladies seeking a career need a little black business dress. This outfit is by far the most simple, yet contains extensive elegance. You cannot go wrong with a black dress in a business professional situation. To play it safe, a simple black dress is your best bet. Pair this with some neutral heels, a classy watch, and a necklace and you’re ready to conquer the interview. You may also add a white or grey blazer to tie together this look.

Having an outfit that makes you feel prodigious can help conquer your interview and land the job that you want. Your interviewer’s first impression will be your appearance, so it’s critical to look slick and prepared. Upon choosing an outfit, make sure to pick one that resonates with your own personal style.  It will give them something to remember you by. There is a happy medium between being business professional and adding personal taste. It’s essential to dress up, show up, and conquer the interview in an outfit which makes you feel invincible.

Jennifer D.
Jennifer Duplessie is a senior at Texas A&M University pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in political communications incorporating her passion for writing and photography.

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