Conservative women can sometimes be a rare sight in the field of journalism and commentary. Going into this field is incredibly admirable, especially for those who have chosen to enter a field that can be rather unfriendly to them, even when they know they will face backlash. The following are five conservative commentators who have destroyed stereotypes and built impressive careers. These five strong, intelligent women are the definition what it means to be a #GirlBoss.

Dana Perino

Dana Perino / Twitter

Before Dana Perino was a co-host of Fox News’ show The Five, she was a White House Press Secretary under President George W. Bush. She has also written two bestselling books, “Let Me Tell You about Jasper,” and “And the Good News Is…”  Despite her success, Dana has remained both down to earth and classy. One of my favorite quotes from her states “Confidence is kind, generous, and comforting. It is different from arrogance.” Dana Perino’s success in multiple careers, friendly demeanor, and insightful commentary make her the definition of #GirlBoss.

Patrice Lee Onwuka

Patrice Lee Onwuka / Twitter

Onwuka is a confident, successful, and conservative woman. She is a contributor for The Federalist and BOLD Global Media, along with being the spokesperson for Generation Opportunity and a senior fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum. Patrice is an up and coming voice in the conservative movement fighting for women everywhere. This certainly makes her the definition of #GirlBoss.

Katie Pavlich

Katie Pavlich / Twitter

At only twenty-eight years old, Katie Pavlich has already started off her career with a bang. She has landed positions as an editor at, an a columnist for The Hill, and a contributor for Fox News. She shuts down leftist myths both in her commentary and her book, Assault and Flattery: The Truth about the Left and their War on Women.” In 2014, Katie was named Woman of the Year by the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute – no small feat for someone relatively new to the public eye. Katie Pavlich’s determination and steadfastness in her beliefs make her the definition of #GirlBoss.   

Katherine Timpf

Kat Timpf / Twitter

Kat Timpf tends to lean a little more libertarian, but she has built a successful career in journalism, having started off working for Campus Reform and the Washington Times. She now is co-hosting, along with Eboni Williams and Eric Bolling, the Fox News Specialists on weekdays at 5:00. Timpf isn’t afraid to civilly debate others, whether it be in her writing, on television, or even on Twitter. She is a passionate advocate of free speech, even if it is against her. Kat Timpf’s willingness to stand up for her principles instead of blindly agreeing with whatever others say makes her the definition of #GirlBoss.

Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin / Twitter

Malkin is an exceptionally accomplished conservative journalist. She began her career working for the Los Angeles Daily News. Since, Michelle Malkin has since worked her way up to becoming a contributor for Fox News. She has also founded two conservative websites of her own, and written numerous books, including “Who Built That?” a book which challenged President Obama’s statement regarding business, “You didn’t build that.” Michelle’s intelligence and success make her the definition of #GirlBoss.

Katie M
Katie is a liberty-loving follower of Jesus residing in sunny North Carolina. She strives to empower young women to become leaders and activists for important causes. She loves crafting ideas and proving points and competes in debate and mock trial. Outside of politics, she enjoys music, dance, good books, and good tea.

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