As  ‘Cozy Season’ approaches, it’s time to grab the blanket, light the fireplace, and curl up with a good book. Check out these 5 fall reads all written by conservative women.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

BLACKOUT – Candace Owens

Candace Owens is a force in the conservative community. She is a Black, Pro-Trump, Conservative, Activist who is never afraid to speak her mind, and always backs it up with cold hard facts. Trump himself praised Owens as a ‘very smart thinker.’ After a long wait, Owens finally published her first book, BLACKOUT ‘How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape From the Democrat Plantation.’ The book details the many ways in which the Democrat Party policies hurt, instead of help, the African American community. As always, she uses her facts to show the lie in many of the Democratic ‘positive’ agendas. Filled to the brim with useful information, this book made its way to the top-selling book list on Amazon within the first day of release. It is definitely worth the hype.


Allie Beth Stuckey is the host of a conservative podcast called Relatable. Like Owens, this is Stuckey’s first book, which was also highly anticipated. As conservatives, we are called to look at things from different perspectives, to not ‘give in’ to the status quo and to not take things at first glance. We are called to question things, and think for ourselves. Stuckey does exactly that by questioning the popular motif: You are enough. Social media is ablaze with self confidence quotes, posts about ‘You can do it if you believe in yourself,’ etc. Stuckey even admits that for a long time, she believed in this motif. As long as you thought you were enough, you could do anything. She started to question this, though, when it wasn’t working, even years later. Stuckey writes about realizing that this motif is just a myth popularized by a culture of trendy narcissism. Instead of battling our feelings of inadequacy, we should be embracing them. This book is an easy-read and is a great twist on a self-help book.

THE INTIMIDATION GAME  – Kimberly Strassel

Strassel is a conservative journalist, graduated from Princeton. She has published works for the Wall Street Journal in Brussels, London, and New York. Her book is jam-packed with information on how exactly the left is silencing free speech, with exact dates and events. It’s one thing to understand that the left is trying to suppress the right’s opinions. It’s another to know exactly where this ‘suppression’ started, and why. Strassel does an excellent job at explaining the origins, all the way to today’s climate. For those long nights in front of the fireplace, this is the hefty book to get you through the night – and maybe the next couple ones as well!


Villa is a proud conservative artist. Despite growing up in New York and living in Hollywood, she managed to think her way out of the democratic agenda. Never lacking in confidence, Villa has made headlines, on papers such as the Hollywood Reporter and Variety, with her opinions, which she expresses through her fashion. In 2017, Villa wore a gown that said “Make America Great Again” in the front and “Trump” in the back to the Grammys. In 2018, also to the Grammys, Villa wore a dress with a fetus in the womb design and carried a handbag that read, “Choose Life.” To last year’s Grammys, Villa wore a dress that had a brick design and said, “Build the Wall.” A light in the dark in Hollywood, Villa writes about how she left the liberal left behind her. She shares why she knows Trump must be reelected in 2020 in order to save our country. The book is a must read this fall – especially great before elections!

UPRISINGDiamond and Silk

Diamond & Silk are sisters from North Carolina who switched from being lifelong Democrats to Republicans in 2015. They started the ‘Ditch & Switch Movement’ in 2015 to urge others to move off the democratic plantation and vote for Donald Trump. From 2018-2019 they toured around to encourage people to have the confidence and courage to speak out. Trump gave his stamp of approval by announcing, “I love Diamond & Silk. In August 2020, they released this book, Uprising, in which they talk about overcoming poverty and choosing victory over victimhood. The book was instantly a bestseller, and gives positive and bright vibes; the perfect read as we enter the colder, darker days of the fall/winter.

Alexza B. is a conservative transfer student completing her BA in Journalism at ASU, after studying Acting in Downtown Los Angeles.

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