Why is it that if you get a cut or burn, you immediately run to a first aid kit to mend the wound, but when you become emotionally scarred from a traumatic experience, you do not do the same thing? Whether it be from a broken heart or losing a loved one, an emotional wound should be treated with just as much care as a physical wound.

Like physical wounds, emotional wounds can get infected when left untreated and spread into various aspects of your life. You can prevent this by creating an emotional first aid kit for yourself. I have compiled a list of necessary items to include in your very own emotional self-care kit.

1) Your favorite scent

Smell is our most powerful sense, so by smelling something that you love, your mood can completely transform. By including your favorite perfume, cologne, or other scent in your emotional first aid kit, you will immediately feel stress-relief. There are even some essential oils that are proven to reduce stress, such as lavender and chamomile.

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2) Pictures of you and your loved ones

Compile some photographs of happy childhood memories, family photos, and fun pictures with friends to include in your kit. This will help you not only remember all the good days you have had, but also serves as a reminder that the bad days are only temporary.

3) Your favorite candy or snack

I am a firm believer that ice cream can and will mend a broken heart. Although actual ice cream would melt and destroy your emotional first aid kit, feel free to add a gift card to your favorite ice cream shop. If ice cream is not your thing, add your favorite snack or candy to have the same effect.

4) A note from yourself

Write a letter right now that is addressed to your future self. Write about your favorite memories, things that make you happy, and all the reasons you have to be joyful. Every so often, it is good to reflect back and realize just how far you have come, both physically and emotionally. You will be surprised when you actually read this note by thinking back to how much has changed since you first wrote it.

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5) Any other special mementos you have

It could be ticket stubs to a concert you had a great time at, a hand written note from someone you love, a piece of jewelry…whatever it is, it will make you feel a million times better.

Life comes filled with break-ups, heart aches, lost friendships, but we can help soften the blow of these hardships by surrounding ourselves with our favorite things. Trust me, your future self will thank you.

Miranda C