Believe it or not the Midterms are only a few months away. While most people will be watching Congressional races, there are dozens of state houses that could be shaken up along the way. Republicans currently hold the keys to 33 out of 50 governor’s mansions, and are hoping to protect that number and add to their majority.  


In the biggest upset of the 2014 election cycle, Republican Larry Hogan beat Lieutenant Governor, now congressman, Anthony Brown to become Governor of Maryland. This was in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 2:1. Since taking office in 2015, Governor Hogan has worked tirelessly to lower taxes and bring jobs to the state. He has no primary challenger and will face the winner of a crowded Democratic field this November.


Republican Governor Scott Walker is not term-limited and is running for a third term this November. In 2012, he became the only governor in American history to survive a recall attempt and ran for President in 2016. Governor Walker faces a primary challenge from business owner Rob Meyer, as well as the winner of a crowded Democratic primary in November.


Incumbent Democratic Governor Dan Malloy has declined to run for a third term. According to a Morning Consult poll, has record low approval ratings. Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman isn’t running to replace him. In fact, the state is considered to be a toss-up. You do the math. Both parties have crowded primaries. A frontrunner has yet to emerge in either of them. The Connecticut gubernatorial primary is August 14.


Democratic Governor Mark Dayton is not running for a third term. That means the state could go red this November. In April, Republican governor, candidate for president in 2012 and co-chair of Mitt Romney’s presidential run Tim Pawlenty announced that he would throw his hat into the ring. Both parties have contested primaries. The Republican Governors Association considered Pawlenty’s candidacy to be a “game changer.”


Republican Governor John Kasich is term-limited. This means h e will not be eligible to run for re-election. Rasmussen polling shows the state as “leans Republican,” but the general election is bound to be competitive. Seven Democrats, including former presidential candidate and Congressman Dennis Kucinich are running to face either Lt. Gov Mary Taylor or Attorney General Mike Dewine in November. The Ohio gubernatorial primary is May 8.

Melissa B
Melissa is a young conservative navigating the world of post-grad one cup of coffee (or glass of wine) at a time. When she isn't volunteering on campaigns up and down the ballot in deep blue Maryland or trying to get selfies with politicians, you can find her reading, cheering on the Ravens, or hanging out with friends.

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