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I love politics, but sometimes I need a break. There is nothing I love more than a good non-political podcast. I listen to podcasts when I get ready in the mornings, when I go on walks, when I’m driving to and from work, and sometimes even as I’m getting ready for bed as a wind down. If you want to escape politics for a little while, here are some of great guilty pleasure podcasts:


PodcastOne / LadyGang

Hosted by Becca Tobin, actress and blogger, Keltie Knight – entertainment journalist, and Jac Vanek – founder and CEO of Jac Vanek clothing, these three girl bosses teamed up to create the LadyGang. They cover celebrity gossip, the latest trends, and host some amazing guests such as Laila Ali, Elle King, and Lea Michele.

Recommended episode: “Allegedly Wassa Happening with Spencer Pratt”

Good On Paper 

Good On Paper

Hosted by the wonderful Kate Hendricks, also known as Kate the WASP, is a podcast that every girl needs. General advice, funny anecdotes, and life lessons from the queen of sass. The best part about this podcast is that she interacts with her audience and responds to all of us ladies who need her most.

Recommended episode: “#1-Ghoting, Engagement Announcements & App Etiquette”

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Off The Vine” 

PodcastOne / Off The Vine

Hosted by Kaitlyn Bristowe, former Bachelorette, shares secrets from the set while interviewing some of our favorite reality stars. She is sipping on wine as she dishes about the latest Hollywood stories, her guests life stories, and her own life journey which can take a hilarious spin.

Recommended episode: “Kaitlyn’s BFF Bri Cook”

“The Skinny Confidential”

PodcastOne / The Skinny Confidential

Hosted by Lauryn Evarts and her husband Michael Bosstick is a raw podcast that gives advice from everything to work outs, lifestyle tips, marketing advice, and healthcare news. You can count on the duo to be picking on each other while giving you the most out of the podcast possible.

Recommended episode: “Alli Webb & Cameron Webb, Founders and Creators of DryBar”

“Mouthing Off with Olivia Caridi” / Mouthing Off With Olivia Caridi

Hosted by the girl who everyone loves to hate from the Bachelor, Olivia Caridi. She has wonderful reality star guests who spill tea on onset secrets, cast members, and general gossip. She has a segment of the show called “Mouthing Off” where the guests get to rant on whatever they want for a few minutes and it is hysterical.

Recommended episode: “Shep Rose of Southern Charm”

If you can’t tell, I love reality television, which would be a guilty pleasure if I felt guilty, and gossip that requires little to no thinking. These podcasts are how I recharge from politics and how I can escape from the media firestorms. I hope this can help you escape too!

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