The passing of another year signals a time to reflect on your accomplishments, look forward to what’s to come, and to set your goals and intentions for the New Year. For many people, this means deciding on a New Year’s resolution. Health related resolutions are some of the most common kind of resolutions we hear of individuals making, and then breaking. Despite what you might think of making a resolution to improve your health, these can be quite small, easy, yet incredibly important changes and there is no better time than a new year to become a better you. Follow one- or all, of the following resolutions in the new year for a healthier you.

Drink more water

The benefits to drinking water are endless. Increasing your water intake can result in fewer headaches, higher energy levels, aid in weight loss, clear your skin, help with sleep troubles, and so much more. It is recommended you drink 8-10 glasses of water per day but can vary from person to person depending on your weight. If you find it hard to get in your daily intake of water, consider investing in a reusable water bottle that you take with you throughout your day. Adding fruit such as lemon can also enhance the taste and make it easier to drink eight glasses.

Incorporate a gym routine in your week

The health benefits of exercising go beyond losing weight and extend to lowering blood pressure, decreasing your risk of a stroke and heart attack, boosting your mood, and being good for the health of your skin. If you’re concerned with the accessibility or cost of working out, colleges have a gym on campus that is often free to students or alternatively, many exercises, like running, do not require a gym. Find a routine that works best for you and your body, but don’t be afraid to switch it up. Often times, losing motivation when it comes to working out comes from being stuck in a routine. Map out goals for yourself. You might just find yourself enjoying the gym more than you thought you would.

Stop neglecting your skin care routine

If you have been on a mission for clear skin for quite some time, this is your year to act on it. While it can be very easy to be forgetful when it comes to washing your face/taking off your make up, this is a step in your daily routine you should never neglect. Washing your face when you wake up and before you go to bed can reduce the oil on your skin and lead to less acne. Using an oil free moisturizer can also aid in clearing your skin as letting your face become too dry results in natural oil that can cause acne. It is also important to keep in mind that the qualities of skin vary from person and just because one routine worked to clear the skin of your friend or favorite beauty blogger does not mean it will work for you. When in doubt, make a dermatologist appointment to see what is right for you.

Make mental health a priority

If there is one resolution you should carry with you throughout 2018, it should be this. Putting yourself first and caring for your mental health is not selfish. Regularly make time for yourself. Whether it is meditation, prayer, or just taking part in activities that make you feel good, incorporate and make these a priority throughout your week. You cannot perform at your best at work or school when you are not taken care of.

Consider your diet

Going on a diet is possibly the most made, and broken, resolution. However, restricting what you eat is not effective and can be unhealthy. Instead of “going on a diet,” consider making changes to what you consume on a daily basis. Add more fruits and vegetables to your meals and see what you can cut back on, eliminate, or add to your diet. Find foods that are nourishing to you and ensure that you eat three meals a day as this reduces snacking. Another method that does not involve “dieting” is intuitive eating. This simply means listening to your body and eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are full. Often we conflate our desire to eat something with hunger.

Get a healthy start to the New Year by making these small, yet beneficial changes to your lifestyle. Committing to lifestyle changes or New Year’s resolutions can be hard, but the benefits to these actions will make your journey much easier. 

Alana B
FFL Contributor
Alana is an undergraduate student at Washington State University studying communications. She aspires to work in either journalism or communications and aims to empower young women to feel confident in sharing their political views. Her favorite things include Jesus, capitalism, politics, yoga, and traveling.

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