Not everyone is lucky enough to experience the kind of relationship I have with my mom. The phrase “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” could not be more accurate when it comes to the relationship we share. As cheesy as it sounds, she is my role model and the person I tend to look up to the most. Over the years, I have learned a lot from her, especially when it comes to what it means to be a conservative woman in today’s day and age. Here are just a handful of examples of things I have taken away from her over the years:

1) Don’t be afraid to move on

If there’s anything I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older, it’s that people will come and go from our lives. It’s important to remember though, that everyone comes into our lives for a reason and leaves an impact in some way. Sometimes they make us stronger, and other times we cut them from our lives because they are doing the exact opposite. If someone is continuously bringing you down, is the friendship really worth it? This is one of the most important lessons I have learned from my mom.

2) Follow your heart

Tired of your job? Get a new one. Don’t like your school? Transfer. Unhappy with a relationship or friendship? Fix it. These are just a few of the changes I have made in my life over the years; some minor and some major. All the while, my mom was nothing but supportive. Even if she didn’t completely agree with some of my decisions, she always stood behind them – or at least tried her best. While I tend to be fairly independent when making such decisions, I still turn to her for advice.

3) Use your voice

We live in an age where using your voice, especially as a conservative, can be a little intimidating. It’s putting yourself out there when others are sure to disagree or even turn their nose. These days, you might even lose friends over it. What difference are you making if you’re not using your voice? Life is all about teaching and learning. Activism, no matter what side you’re on, is important. When done correctly, using your voice can bring about some serious change.

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4) Don’t forget where you came from

As we get older, we change, change, and change again. We meet new people, develop new relationships, move out, and so much more. Despite all of this, one thing remains the same: our background. As we get older and evolve, it’s important to remember our roots. We are who we are today because of the foundation our lives were built on, and that’s something to be thankful for.

5) Do the right thing

Sometimes doing the right thing is difficult, but we all have to face it from time to time. It might be that we have to swallow our pride and apologize, it might be that we have to man up and tell the truth, or it might be that we have to forgive someone and move on. No matter the reason, doing the right thing is always important and deeply reflects who we are as individuals. This is perhaps the biggest lesson I have learned from my mom.

These 5 examples are only the beginning of things I have learned over the years. As I grow older, I begin to appreciate these things more and more. I hope that one day, I can be as great of a mom as mine.

Bethany P