In honor of Mother’s Day, I compiled a list of 5 things my southern momma taught me. I would not be half the woman I am today without my fierce, conservative momma whipping me into shape. I wake up every day trying to be as resilient and steadfast as my momma, as kind and Godly as my nanny, and as loving and embracing as my Robin. 

An educated Southern woman should be feared

My Momma is a high school English teacher with 15 years of experience in the classroom. One of the greatest gifts she taught me, and her momma taught her, is that education changes lives. Education is a weapon to use to change the world. 

You should be in love with your life… even on the simplest days

My momma starts her morning with a cup of coffee on our porch looking out at the sunrise. As a kid, I used to wonder why she was such an earlier riser. As a semi-adult, I have come to realize that her morning ritual is the truest form of contentment.

It’s okay to be a little classy and a little country.

My momma has always emphasized embracing where you come from. I come from the mountains of East Tennessee. You can bet growing up whether I was hunting, playing in the river, or going to church, my momma always made sure I had a bow in my hair. Now, I have replaced my bows with pearls, but the attitude remains. 

One can always find adventure in a good book, but you should without a question, go have some of your own

Oh one of the best things my momma taught me was a love for reading. From as early as I can remember, we were always going on an adventure to where ever my imagination took us. My momma and I take a mother/daughter trip to somewhere new every year and I cherish our real-life adventures with every ounce of my being. My momma taught me to jump because she would always be there to catch me. 

If you’re going to be a mess, at least be a hot mess. 

Sometimes life does not go your way and you just feel simply a mess. Well, at least be a hot mess. When I feel like I have completely lost it, I take a shower, curl my hair, put on some makeup, and a cute outfit. Life seems a lot calmer when you feel good about yourself. And if not, at least you look good so it’s a win/win. 

Number five is my personal quarantine motto. Except I have traded a cute outfit for jeans.

These tidbits showcase in my opinion what a true woman should be. Here is to all the southern mothers in our lives. May we shower them with love and appreciation every day. 

Lucy Kate H