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There’s a lot of talk about the dangers of partisanship out there, but let me be another voice to tell you, ignoring the other side, casting them off as crazy, and demonizing them will get you nowhere. How are you going to strengthen your own beliefs and your own arguments if you don’t know what the other side is saying? I LOVE learning from liberals on topics I’m either not informed about or still forming my own opinion on because I can finally hear both sides and make an informed decision myself. Similarly, liberals often argue with more emotion, and that’s often really persuasive to people. Learning that style can help inform your own arguments, even if you know you can’t rely on emotion alone.

With that in mind, here are 5 Ted Talks with a liberal focus that i’ve learned from as a conservative, even if they didn’t succeed in changing my mind.

1) The disarming case to act right now on climate change 

I don’t think climate change is necessarily a partisan issue, but the response efforts definitely can be. This is a great Ted Talk on why we would be acting right now and can help inform your own opinions on the ways to counteract climate change. Also, this girl is now a Nobel Prize nominee, so that’s pretty cool!

Watch it in full here.

2)  3 questions to ask yourself about everything you do 

Stacey Abram speaks at TEDWomen 2018: Showing Up, November 28-30, 2018, Palm Springs, California. Photo: Marla Aufmuth / TED

We all know Stacey Abrams, the woman who still won’t concede that she lost her gubernatorial race and that might be a vice presidential nominee. But this Ted Talk gives a greater insight into her and even if you don’t agree with her politics, you can learn from her drive.

Watch it here.

3)  Let’s try emotional correctness 

We laugh at political correctness, but what about emotional correctness? This isn’t necessarily a political talk, but definitely a little more left-leaning, but it really opened my mind to the way we use emotions in our arguments and our lives. Plus, Kohn’s story is fascinating.

Watch it here.

4) The political progress women have made–and what’s next

Cecile Richards is pretty demonized in the Republican Party. The former president of Planned Parenthood is well-respected on the left though. Learning from her arguments about women’s rights and progress will help inform your own arguments the next time you debate abortion and feminism.

Watch it here.

5)  What doctors should know about gender identity 

Conservatives are often very dismissive of gender identity issues, but this Ted Talk was very eye-opening and I learned a lot. Even if you’re not a doctor, you can learn a lot about how people speak about themselves and others and how you can best have productive conversations on such personal topics.

Watch it here.

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