Congratulations, you got married in 2019! Or you’re planning a wedding for early 2020. Or you’re still newly married at heart. Wherever you fit on that spectrum, you’re likely keeping your new marriage in mind as you put together new year’s resolutions. Sure, get more fit, but also…be happy with your husband or wife? Save money after going into debt for the ceremony? Everyone’s story is different, but as a new bride, there are some concrete resolutions you can tackle in 2020 to make sure your new life as a bride if off to a great start. 

Plan a monthly date night

The first year of marriage often feels overwhelming, and especially if you’re young and working, it can be easy to forget to plan a special time to enjoy what you did before marriage: dating. So, plan a monthly date night. Sit down at the beginning of the year and plan at least one big event to look forward to each month–something you’ll both enjoy and do together. Buy concert tickets, a theatre subscription, join a bowling league, something. Of course, you should have “dates” and alone time more frequently, but it’s easy at the beginning of the year to look at the year as a whole and pick one big event each month to focus on. Then, you can branch off from there. 

Make a decision about your dress

A wedding dress is a big purchase, and yet, it then often sits in a closet for years. Resolve to make a decision about it this year. Will you preserve it for display? Will you alter it for your daughter’s baptismal gown? Will you donate it? Decide. Then, follow through with that decision. 

Make meals together a priority

Couples that cook together, stay together, or something like that. Food is good for the soul, and cooking responsibilities should be shared equitably, ideally. Of course, some of us aren’t great cooks. But, cooking together is a great way to spend time together. If you’re not natural cooks, consider investing in a meal subscription service that will provide you with pre-planned recipes, or schedule monthly pot-lucks with friends. Find a way to prioritize these meals so that you’re eating well and you’re eating together. 

Create a good bed space

You’re married now. It’s time to give up the sheets you slept on in college and invest in good pillows. You deserve a bed space you like. If you need a headboard so you can sit up and read in bed, budget for one. Add new pillows to your wedding registry or ask for them for Valentine’s Day. Create a space you like to share with your spouse and you’ll go to bed and wake up happier. 

Schedule special time with your wedding party

Your bridesmaids and flower girls and groomsmen were important enough to be in your wedding, so don’t forget about them when the day is over. Even if they flew in from far away, make special time with them after the wedding. Visit them, schedule dinners, take your flower girl to a paint your own pottery studio–something to keep those relationships alive and thriving. 

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member