College fashion can be tricky. On some campuses, it’s expected to dress on the professional side, while at others it’s the norm to dress extremely casual. I have seen it all from suits to sweat pants. Here are five outfits for college girls that wish to look both comfortable and put-together: perfect for a busy day on campus.

  1. We all need comfy days once in a while. When it’s gloomy and you’ll be sittingin the library for hours on end, you deserve to dress on the casual side. For a cute and casual outfit, pair a loose tee, leggings, tennis shoes, and a baseball cap. This will come together to be the perfect cozy campus look.

  1. This second outfit is the next step up from leggings and a t-shirt. Pair comfortable black jeans, a simple tee, cardigan, and sneakers. Your cardigan can always be taken off if it gets warm and these shoes will work well for walking around campus. When dressed in an outfit that you love, you’ll be able to take on your hectic schedule with confidence.

  1. For the classic and minimalistic college girls, this is the outfit for you. By pairingawhite collared blouse, jeans, and nude sandals, you will look slick and ready for anything. Little do others know that this outfit is also extremely comfortable. For mornings that you are running late, throw your hair in a low bun to save time and to add a more sleek and professional touch.

  1. If you want to look chic without sacrificing comfort, t-shirt dresses will be your best friend. Pair a soft dress with a cardigan, wrap-up flats, and a statement necklace to give the impression that you put in a lot of effort when really, this is a simple, comfortable, and stylish ensemble. Plus, this will make a great impression on your peers and professors.

  1. The last outfit is easy for any school day. These high-waisted navy “paper bag pants” are a soft material, however give a dressed-up look. Tuck a simple white tee, add simple accessories such as a watch and flats and you are dressed to impress.

    It’s vital to remember that you create your own personal brand. You are representing yourself with your actions, professionalism, and clothing. On a day-to-day basis, leggings and a t-shirt will most likely suffice. However, it’s also great to challenge your style and clothing choices. Ask yourself each morning how you want to be viewed that day.

    You are not defined by what you wear. However, if you look put-together, you’ll also feel put together, making it much easier to knock out what’s on your agenda for the day. Remind yourself that you do not have to risk comfort for style. You can absolutely have both by picking out the right outfits to represent YOU.

Jennifer D.
Jennifer Duplessie is a senior at Texas A&M University pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in political communications incorporating her passion for writing and photography.

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