Summer is upon us, and every Conservative girl knows that that means political conferences will be in full swing soon. Whether you’ll be attending conferences hosted by the Young Americans for Freedom, the Christians United for Israel, or by Turning Point USA, all of us ladies will have something in common. We will be looking to have the most aesthetically pleasing and popping social media posts to highlight our time there!

For the ladies out there, like myself, who struggle with getting those Instagram worthy pictures, here are five shots that should be on your political conference photo bucket list.

1) The Interview Shot

Photo Credit: Ali-Jae Nicolai

Media outlets love stopping and interviewing conservative women at political conferences because they are always shocked to see we exist. While you’re out there spreading the message to the camera, be sure to hand a friend your phone. They’ll get you a social media worthy shot that shows you off at your most professional. You’ll be sure to impress all your friends!

2) The Confetti Picture

Photo Credit: Ali Harrison

You know a conference is in full swing when you hear those confetti cannons go off! Be sure to get the most use out of those mountains of confetti you see laying around. Grab a handful and get the cutest Instagram post with this great action shot.

3) The Podium Picture

Photo Credit: Rose Laoutaris

There is nothing more inspiring than listening to your favorite speakers from the crowd during a conference. However, you can feel even more empowered by standing behind or by that speaker’s podium yourself during the off time during conferences. It is great practice for the day that you’ll be standing up there yourself!

4) The Signature Hand Sign Shot

Photo credit: Stormi Rodriguez

Every University and every sorority has their official hand sign. Represent your organization or your college at the conference by taking a group photo showing those hand signs off. It’s a great way to show your school pride, and it is a great way to bond as a group!

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5) The Reagan Cut Out Photo

Photo credit: Jordan Orris

Every Conservative girl needs at least one photo with the great President Reagan himself, even if it’s only in cutout form. Honor one of your favorite Presidents by putting this comedic shot on your social media, and enjoy the fun comments you’ll definitely get from your friends.

Political conferences can be some of the most tiring moments, but they can also be the best of times with friends and amazing speakers. Be sure to document these moments, so you’ll be able to look back and remember them! I can’t wait to see my social media feed full of all of you amazing ladies this summer at the upcoming conferences.

Stormi R