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So, FFL has a bunch of stickers. If you are like me, you want to buy them all, but once you get your stickers, you need to find a place to put them.  Here are five places for you to put your FFL stickers, so you can show everyone that you are a proud conservative.

Put them on your laptop.

Let’s be honest.  Are you even a true conservative if you do not have conservative stickers on your laptop?  It is a great place for stickers, and it really allows you to personalize it. Laptop stickers are a great conversation starter.  People often walk up to me while I am working in Starbucks to tell me they like my stickers or to discuss one of them. Putting your FFL stickers on your laptop is a great way to show that you are a proud conservative, and they make it look much less plain and boring.


Put them on your water bottle.

Putting stickers on water bottles has become a growing trend, and it is a super cute one!  Putting your FFL stickers on a solid colored water bottle is the perfect way to personalize it.  You never have to worry about grabbing the wrong one or someone accidentally taking yours.

I Stand with Dana” sticker on my NRA water bottle from Dana Loesch’s Instagram


I Like My Politics Red, My Wine White, And My Skies Blue,” and “GOP Bows & Pearls” stickers on Jillian Kinder’s water bottle

Put them on your notebooks.

Notebooks are a great place for FFL stickers, especially for your politics and history class notebooks.  Are you taking a U.S. history course? Show your patriotism with a “Party Like It’s 1776” sticker. Are you taking an economics course?  Put a “Taxation Is Theft” sticker on your notebook to show where you stand.  Do you have an 8 AM class? Show your appreciation for the coffee getting you through it with the “I Like My Coffee Strong And My Politics Red” or “I Like My Coffee Large And My Government Small” sticker.  Do you just need some inspiration to get you through the day?  Channel your inner Elle Woods with the “What Would Elle Woods Do?” sticker or with the sticker with her iconic quote, “What, Like It’s Hard?”

I Like My Coffee Strong And My Politics Red” sticker on my notebook

Put them on your car.

Cars are a great place for your FFL stickers.  It is the perfect way to show everyone you know everywhere you go that you are a proud conservative, and they are super cute!

From Sea To Shining Sea” sticker on Merry Ashlyn Gatewood’s car

Taxation Is Theft” sticker on @msnicolemaria’s car

Use them to decorate your dorm room or apartment.

FFL stickers are a perfect decoration for your dorm room or apartment. You can put them on your refrigerators, wall collages, graduation caps, and maybe even some furniture.  FFL stickers are the perfect touch to make your living space and accessories more “you”!

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Rose L