Podcasts are all the rage and lucky for you, there’s a podcast niche for everyone’s interests. While I’ve never been a huge history buff, I find that I love history podcasts. They’re usually interesting, well-produced, and I learn something new every single day. Here at FFL, we love podcasts, and if you do too, you should check out some of our other podcast articles:

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However, today I want to take a look at five history podcasts I really enjoy, both aurally and mentally. They sound good, they teach you, and they’re not too cumbersome to navigate.

Check out these 5 podcasts if you love history:

Stuff You Missed in History Class

No matter what area of history you love most, Stuff You Missed in History Class will have an episode built just for you. Their 25-40 minute episodes release every Monday and Wednesday. In addition, they re-release an older show from their archives every Saturday, so you’ll be learning all week long. The hosts are funny and friendly and they are great storytellers that weave history into a modern voice. Recent episodes have covered Kristallnacht, Shirley Chrisholm, Baba Yaga, The Sinking of the SS Princess Sophia, and the Women of Disney.

This Day in History Class

An off-shoot of Stuff You Missed in History Class, This Day in History Class is a daily 5-minute podcast that ties the calendar to the past. It’s a great quick way to start your morning and be reflective of the past. Recent episodes have covered the birth of the founder of the Baha’i faith, World War I Armistice, The Bolshevik Revolution, Marie Antoinette’s birth, the posting of Luther’s 95 theses, and the opening of the first modern planetarium.

Historical Figures

If you want a deep dive into interesting people from the past, you’ll love Historical Figures. They 45-60 minute episodes come out only once every two weeks but they go deep into the lives of people you’ve heard of, but may not know too much about, like Frederick Douglass, Joseph Stalin, Gregor Mendel, Yangdi, Andrew Carnegie, Galileo, and Anwar El-Sadat. They bridge time and location and really take you into the lives of these historical figures.


For history lovers who are also into literature, check out Annotated. They are short, 20-25 minute episodes, about books, authors, and literary conventions throughout history.  Recent episodes have talked about the history of the Oxford comma, Mary Shelley’s life leading to the creation of Frankenstein, how Ulysses became an infamous book, Andrew Carnegie’s funding of public libraries, and the 2018 Nobel Literature controversy. It’s a perfect blend of literature and history and comes out every two weeks.

Ladies, First

Though not currently releasing episodes, Ladies, First, is one of my favorite female-focused history podcasts that explores the wives of presidents and world leaders through a historical and social lens. The episodes are short, less than 15 minutes each, and there are eleven so far. Subjects have included Julia Gardiner Tyler, Clementine Churchill, Barbara Bush, Dolley Madison, Jackie Kennedy and wider conversations about the role of first ladies in diplomacy.

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