It’s 2018. Women are doing both – professional careers and motherhood – and they’re doing it incredibly. Motherhood is a bipartisan force that unites woman, especially in politics. As of 2014, NPR reported that only nine women had given birth while serving in the United States Congress. Obviously, being a prominent politician while balancing the trials and tribulations of motherhood is difficult, but on this Mother’s Day, these hard-working, talented, and history making women deserve recognition.

Tammy Duckworth

Senator Duckworth is not only the “first female double amputee in war,” but she is also the first U.S. Senator to give birth in office. Without a doubt, the Democrat from Hawaii is a woman who has proved she can absolutely do both. After the birth of her daughter in April of 2018, the Senate voted unanimously voted to allow babies on the Senate floor.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

From behind the White House Press Secretary podium, Sanders has one of the toughest jobs in 2018 politics, but she’s also balancing that life with three children. In fact, she is the first woman in the position to also be a mother. Scarlett, Huck and George made an adorable appearance at the White House Easter Egg Roll with their mom this year. George, the youngest, was born around the same time Sanders’ father, Mike Huckabee, announced his 2016 presidential bid.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers

A U.S. Representative from the state of Washington, Rodgers has given birth three times while serving. Since the birth of her first child in 2007, two years after being elected, McMorris has only continued her political career. Rodgers previously served as the highest ranking Republican woman in Congress as the House GOP Conference Chair.

Linda Sánchez

In 2009, Sánchez became the eighth woman to give birth while in office and was also the first woman of color to be elected to a leadership position in U.S. Congress Her husband has three children, so Sánchez was a stepmother in Congress before she was a mother in Congress. The Democratic representative from California also served in Congress with her sister, so having a political career with family involved is not a new endeavor for Sánchez.

Nikki Haley

Throughout her political career, Haley has balanced politics with her family. The mother of two was the Governor of South Carolina, making her the first female governor of the state, before becoming the United States Ambassador to the United Nations. Even though her children are older now, Haley still travels often to spend time with her family.

Of course, this list is nowhere near comprehensive because women all over the country have political careers as well as careers as mothers. We wish all moms, political or not, a happy Mother’s Day this year.

Karly M.
Karly Matthews is a student at Temple University, where she is majoring in political science and journalism while minoring in Spanish. At any given moment, Karly can be found talking about Marco Rubio and advocating for conservative values with a large coffee mug and color-coded planner in hand.

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