With the midterm elections creeping up quick as a whip, local and statewide candidates are beginning to feel the pressures of a looming primary. Florida, as most people are aware, is a vital state to win over in federal politics. Often a close vote due to the vast diversity of the states residents, Florida offers unique insight into national trends. For the 2018 midterms, this leaves Florida with an important role: refuting the existence of a blue wave.With inconsistent data supporting the claims of a surge in Democratic voters and elected officials, Florida has the opportunity and responsibility to not only negate the claims of a blue wave, but also to elect principled conservative leaders to local and statewide office, and to keep existing ones in place.

The Republican Party of Florida is in the midst of organizing their second Sunshine Summit: a large gathering of conservatives from throughout the state of Florida celebrating their beliefs, gaining a deeper understanding of the conservative policy agenda and hearing from widely renowned speakers in their respective fields. Here are five reasons why every conservative in Florida should attend this years Sunshine Summit.

Support your favorite candidates

Among the many races held throughout the state of Florida, from the governors race to mayoral races, chances are you have already picked favorites. Maybe you have worked for a candidate in the past, you currently intern for a campaign or you want to know more about your options. Attending this conference is a great way to both expose yourself to candidates from throughout the state. You can also show your support at receptions and events for the candidates you plan to mark on your ballot.

Update your conservative wardrobe

Like other political conferences, Sunshine Summit will host a variety of shopping and informational booths. Whether you are in need of a Make America Great Againhat or your elephant lapel pin could use a refreshing, Sunshine Summit will host a variety of unique conservative vendors selling goods that may be difficult to find elsewhere.

Network with fellow conservatives

If you think you have packed enough business cardsgo ahead and pack fifty more. Sunshine Summit is a statewide conservative gathering boasting everyone from elected officials, candidates and media personalities, to organizations, local Republican Executive Committee leaders and fellow conservative students. Dont be ashamed to meet and network with a wide variety of conference attendees. Your confidence and firm handshake now could be a job or internship offer later.

Learn effective activism tools

Attendees at Sunshine Summit come from a diverse background of experience and qualifications. Learn something new through your conversations with other guests. Learn how to recruit better, how to retain members in your conservative groups on campus, and how to effectively work on the grassroots level for candidates. Gain the skills necessary to spread conservative values in your local communities and keep Florida red.

Listen to inspiring political speakers

From Rand Paul to ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp, the speaker lineup at Sunshine Summit showcases a talented lineup of experts in the world of politics. Utilize the resources presented throughout the Friday portion of the event to become equipped with knowledge of the conservative policy agenda and encouragement to bring that information to others. Allow the speakers to inspire you to work hard throughout the midterm season, and become empowered to share your conservative beliefs.

The 2018 Sunshine Summit has already sold out of tickets for the Thursday night Fox News Gubernatorial debate, however discounted tickets are available online for Fridays conference and speaker series.

Arrive early to pass through the lengthy security.

Pack an abundance of business cards.

Wear your comfiest professional shoes.

Dont miss out on your chance to become informed, network, and solidify your chosen candidates moving into the core of campaign season with the help of the Republican Party of Florida. Get your tickets here

Sarah G
FFL Contributor